Customers address their accountability, transparency, and results objectives with ARCOS LLC. In the crew callout industry, our customers are dependent on accurate responses, unmatched response times and associates who care. Whether it's a small or large business, we are committed to providing impeccable customer service, satisfying each customer’s unique requirements. It is this philosophy that has allowed us to maintain undiminished relationships with our existing customers, and establish new customers at impressive rates.


Electric Utilities:

videoSalt River Project: Mark Bell, Section Supervisor for SRP, explain the benefits of automated callout.

videoVectren Energy / Salt River Project: Jeff Buttram, Dispatch Supervisor – Vectren Energy, and Mark Bell, Section Supervisor for SRP, explain the benefits of automated callout.

pdfAmerican Electric Power: AEP supplies 38,000 MW of electricity across 11 states, and anticipates a 5-10 percent CAIDI savings in addition to many callout operational efficiencies.

videoAmerican Electric Power: Tom Kirkpatrick, Vice President - Customer, Marketing and Distribution Services, shares the customer benefits of automating callout.

videoDuquesne Light Company: Larry Duvall, Service Center Manager, discusses how automating callout reduces response time and grievances.

videoDominion: Steve Chafin, Manager, Emergency Preparedness Center, talks about the benefits of partnering with an innovative company and responsive team.

pdfKansas City Power & Light: KCP&L supplies electricity to 800,000+ customers, and reduced its grievances by 90 percent with ARCOS.

videoKansas City Power & Light: Tom Burke, Superintendent of Dispatch Operations, shares how automated callout serves customers better by improving communications and storm response times.

newsLee County Electric Cooperative: One of the largest electric cooperatives in the nation, with more than 8,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines. LCEC implemented ARCOS to reduce overtime and reduce SAIDI.

pdfSouthern Company:  Read how Southern Company reduces SAIDI
with ARCOS.

videoSouthern Company: Aline Ward, Regional Chief Information Officer, shares how leveraging technology can help improve efficiency and meet customer demands.

newsSouthern Maryland Electric Cooperative: SMECO received four J.D. Power and Associates Customer Satisfaction Awards after installing the ARCOS Suite.

videoA top-ranked, U.S. electric utility: This video features a utility industry professional discussing the benefits of automated callout.


Gas Utilities:

videoAvista Utilities: Jeff Potter, Dispatch Engineer, shares the benefits of automating callout for both dispatchers and employees.

videoAvista Utilities: Jeff Potter, Dispatch Engineer, discusses how automating callout saves time and reduces mistakes caused by a manual process.

pdfCentral Hudson Gas and Electric: Read how this utility serving more than 370,000 gas and electric customers reduced callout time with ARCOS to meet its 20 minute gas odor response goal.

videoCentral Hudson Gas and Electric: James Jolly, Director of Dispatch Operations, discusses CHG&E's results realized with automated callout.


Power Plants:

pdfProgress Energy: The 4,700 acre facility contains one 860 MW nuclear unit and four coal-fired units producing 2,291 MW, and reduced their average callout response time from 2 hours to less than 30 minutes with ARCOS.

videoDuke Energy: Scott Retter, Energy Supply Performance Excellence - Leader, discusses the benefits of automating callout at the Crystal River Power Generation Plant.



Executive Management:

The executive managers within your company are given the opportunity to improve overall distribution operational efficiency and achieve dramatic results with the ARCOS automated crew callout.

Labor Relations:

Labor relations capabilities within the crew callout application provides full log trace reporting down to the individual phone call and recordings of each call.

Operations Staff:

Automated Crew Callout allows for consolidated dispatching and mobile dispatch to get crews out at least 20% faster.

Field Associates:

Field associates are given detailed call logging information to ensure that the callout process has worked properly and that safety protocols are followed.


ARCOS is hosted at a world-class facility with a secondary back-up facility in Chicago, in case of primary system failure.

ARCOS LLC is rooted in the belief that you can’t just offer impressive solutions without also providing the best customer service to go with it.