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Get more mileage out if your systems.

By April 6, 2020Blog

5 Ways to Leverage Your Current Systems with New Tech

Unfortunately, legacy systems don’t always communicate like you need them to. But after all of the time, training, costs, and effort going into installing your trusty tech, you want to make sure you’re maximizing your current investments through updated systems that can help your work management and outage management integrate better, keeping your organization on track. Think about it this way: New tech can actually help you get more money out of your previous investments.

Here are five ways new technology can help bolster your current investments:

  1. Improving schedule details across the board. Using an integration strategy to connect your systems will provide indisputable visibility for managers, stakeholders and employees, and allows crews to be scheduled more efficiently when you can see the full picture.
  2. Creating one source of truth. When data is manually pulled from one system and then entered into another, things can get a little jumbled. Some information could go missing, and there is always the risk of human error. Newer systems can automate these processes by feeding data with an API, saving time and potential miscommunications.
  3. Improving efficiency with the ability to use the same systems for both blue sky and events. If everyone is familiar with your legacy systems and the new tech, time can be saved by eliminating the need for training, and knowing that all of your information is automatically up-to-date.
  4. Enhancing benchmarking by having better, quicker access to reporting metrics. Supervisors can easily extract data to confirm that crews are consistently being productive across your work centers.
  5. Helping cross the finish line during the last mile stretch. Even if your project has been carefully planned for weeks, an issue could pop-up the day of, turning everything on its head. For example, during the morning kick-off of your next large project, you may only have four out of five crew members available due to illness or an emergency. What do you do now? Do you move ahead with the four crew members you have or reschedule for another day? Having full access to all your systems can help your organization make educated decisions under pressure.

From out in the field to the home office, ARCOS Resource Management helps utilities better manage work and people together, be it blue sky or a major event. And when your systems are able to talk to each other and efficiently share information you can trust, planning, proficiency, and reporting all become a lot easier. Learn more about ARCOS solutions at

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