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A Successful Implementation Doesn’t Stop at Go Live

By August 12, 2020Blog

After you’ve implemented your new technology solution and rolled it out to all your workgroups, you might think that the project is done. The tech is available and working, so what else is there? However, a successful implementation doesn’t just stop at Go Live – especially when new enhancements and best practices are always evolving. How do you get the most out of your investment? 

The Continued Road to Success
Try thinking of your new product as a journey instead of a launching point. It’s important to ensure that you have a solid adoption strategy and can keep your pulse on new features and necessary training moving forward. Furthermore, having a strong communications and rollout strategy can help you better track your success, from Go Live and beyond, to share with stakeholders and other involved parties. 

A productive and profitable lifecycle of a newly implemented change can benefit your organization in many ways, both immediately and for years to come. A few key items that can help guarantee a great ROI with your solution are:  

  • A plan (and steps for follow-up) for user adoption and getting employees on board with the change 
  • Training documentation that is up to date, accompanied with an ongoing training plan to account for new features and onboarding new team members 
  • A dedicated person who is responsible for updated your organization on new features and enhancements 
  • A periodic check-in to assess how your solution is doing as time goes on, and make sure all employees continue to be up to speed 

While some companies may have a dedicated person or team overseeing the life of your new investment, many do not have the resources or the time for a full-time project manager. The unfortunate reality is: Without a well-organized and executed plan, many benefits of new technology could fall flat. 

But don’t worry – ARCOS can help. 

ARCOS Managed Services
ARCOS Managed Services can work with your team to better evaluate the success, health, and ROI of your ARCOS solution. The Managed Services offerings create a variety of opportunities, from seasoned project manager who can manage your teams and build out project plans, to regular onsite or remote trainings, documentation, communication plans, and a high-level strategy to help engage a new generation of workers as your more mature workers retire.

Let an ARCOS expert help your organization maximize your investment for success. To learn more, check out our latest ARCOS Managed Services online meeting on-demand! 

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