Welcome to ARCOS Live!

ARCOS Live! continues with our series of virtual Roadshows! If we can’t get together in person, we’ll meet you anyway we can! ARCOS Roadshows are an important way for all us to stay connected, share and learn about the latest innovations in our industries. Read on for details:

ARCOS Live! Roadshows consist of:
  • 2 Virtual Roadshows per region
  • 1.5 Hours each (We’re buying your lunch!)
  • Interactive sessions where you can discuss current challenges around pandemic response, resource planning and other relevant topics with your peers
  • True roundtable format – you won’t be inundated with PPTs we promise! We’ve invested in new strategies and props to keep everyone engaged and facilitate discussions!
Customize your own program
Pick and choose from the sessions that mean the most to you. Register for one or more online sessions all in one place.

For access to all event details, please visit the full event website.

ARCOS Live! presents many options to train in-house, learn where you are and even celebrate being able to travel by attending an ARCOS 2020 Roadshow!