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Mobile Resource Management Solutions: What’s New?

By July 27, 2021Blog

Callout is the app that started the Resource Management Platform for ARCOS. Before its existence, it could take operations managers, dispatchers, and supervisors hours, and hundreds of phone calls to put together a crew to respond, restore and report to an electric outage, event, or a daily work challenge. Now, it literally can take seconds.  

As time progressed, so did ARCOS Callout. ARCOS took Callout and made it mobile with ARCOS Mobile. This innovative app release gave users easier access to Callout via a tablet or smartphone. It also empowered crew members by giving them the ability to change their callout availability for after-hours work and visibility of their callout performance and contact information.  

And as we hit the middle point of 2021, enhanced functionality is coming to this time and money saving solution. Get ready for Mobile Callout Create and Mobile Check-In.  

The Future Goes Wherever You Are 

Mobile Callout Create has the same functionality contained in the web version of Callout, adapted to a four-step process that fits a mobile device’s screen. Mobile Callout Create is active for all current mobile customers and only needs to be added to security settings to use. Some callout types and attributes are not yet supported, but those are on track to be added soon.  

Mobile Check-In is currently in development. This feature will add QR based scanning for tracking resources through your organization. It groups all checkpoint activity by Event and is viewable in the web application Checkpoint Dashboard providing timestamped details about the resource, the checkpoint, and the person scanning. All activity is filterable and searchable which provides forensic level visibility into the movement of resources within your organization.  

Other Mobile Check-In features that are being worked on include rule validation (which will display notices in the mobile and web applications and can even be set to allow a successful checkpoint scans with warnings), custom notifications, reusable checkpoint templates for quick instantiation, lists of anticipated resources, and definable subsequent actions that can update application data or statuses.  

How can Mobile Callout Create and Mobile Check-In be used?  

The Use Cases are endless, but here are few ideas of how both new features can be utilized by utilities:  

  • Batch Check-in hundreds of resources into a basecamp in minutes 
  • Gate Security can verify that ARCOS sMART convoys have permission to enter 
  • Dispatchers can be alerted on scan if employee training has expired 
  • Indication in ARCOS Crew Manager when employees arrive on site 
  • One QR code assignment can track access, meals, lodging, status, etc. 
  • Employees can self-scan which allows unmanned checkpoints 
  • Resource flow data can be analyzed to optimize efficiencies 

If you would like to know how ARCOS Mobile, Mobile Callout Create and Mobile Check-In could benefit your specific operation or would like to find out more ideas, contact ARCOS now. We would love to work with you.  

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