Ground support scheduling gets smart about performance

Under the wing of an air carrier, staffing is a daily, often hourly, challenge for management teams across dozens of sites, each handling ground crew scheduling, shift bidding and trading in their own way. Ramp agents say it’s not uncommon for an approval policy for a shift trade to vary by location with time allotted for responses ranging from 30 minutes to two days

We sat down with four different airlines to talk about the effect that inefficient ground support operations can have directly on an airline’s overall performance – and how ARCOS RosterApps is changing the game by shaving shift management processes down to minutes.

“As someone requesting a shift, you only see the ones you’re qualified to pick up. You can do this from home, and there is an audit trail and email confirmation, which is 100-percent better than paperwork. RosterApps increases happiness in the C suite because we’re cutting out wasted time; managers are happier because they’re saving a boat-load of time.”

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