Welcome to ARCOS RosterApps: Shift Secrets Revealed!

Here is your one-stop-shop for the complete binge-able library of our ARCOS RosterApps series. After each new video drops, it will be added right here for your streaming convenience. This series is designed to give you quick, informational videos on how automated shift management technology can save you time and resources, including a view from our employee self-serve model, and what supervisors see. 

Each video is around two minutes – curated to be bite-sized for your consumption. So go ahead…dig in!

Episode 1: Bidding on Open Shifts with Ease

Episode 2: Empowering Employees with Digital Shift Trading and Swapping

Episode 3: Streamlining PTO and Sick Leave Requests

Episode 4: Common Reports

Episode 5: Splitting Shifts – Employee and Supervisor

Episode 6: Managing Unplanned Absences

Episode 7: Vacation Requests and How to Fill the Open Shift

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