Streamline Operations and Improve Safety and Customer Satisfaction with ARCOS

For more than 25 years, ARCOS has served the distinct needs of utilities with products that help maintain safety, improve reliability, and reduce costs. With storm season upon us, we are offering a special package to help small and rural utilities get the critical ARCOS solutions you need at 30% off.

This exclusive ARCOS bundle includes our most trusted products:

  • Callout, the industry-leading solution for automating complex callout processes to improve response time and customer satisfaction

  • Crew Manager, which helps utilities to quickly identify which crews, vehicles, and equipment are available for work while also improving the ability to assign, manage, and track these resources

Together, our solutions help operations teams quickly build and manage crews for both planned and unplanned work.

  • Improve service reliability by calling out utility crews faster when service is compromised

  • Automate callouts around complex crew information, union rules, and scheduling data

  • Provide rich detail and reporting around workforce engagement for unified visibility across crews and back-office teams

  • Digitize the morning shuffle as you drag, drop, and assign crews or resources based on real-time current availability

  • Allow for seamless transition from day-to-day operations to emergency situations and increase crew planning time

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