Resource Management Software for Utility Leadership

Discover how utility leaders are managing risk, saving money and improving customer satisfaction.


Managing risk while adhering to a budget can be a tall order for gas and electric utility leaders as well as power plant leadership. Strong situational awareness for utility operations management is critical to keeping energy flowing to customers and ensuring customer safety and satisfaction. Whether you are handling day-to-day events, an all hazards event, an emergency event or a weather situation, ARCOS automated call out and crew management software can help you manage risk while saving time and money. Most major utilities across the U.S. rely on ARCOS web-enabled resource management software to improve their crew response times and crew management and restoration processes.

“If we can take 30 minutes off of a call out and respond more efficiently, our customers see a lot of value in that.”

Thomas Kirkpatrick | Vice President, Customer, Marketing and Distribution Services | American Electric Power

Many electric utilities measure CAIDI/SAIDI as a way to determine customer service and satisfaction. Gas utilities are often measured by their gas leak response times. One way to improve both is to improve crew response times—getting crews to the site of the trouble faster so they can restore service sooner. However, it’s not unusual for utilities to still rely on manual calling processes, whiteboards and Excel spread sheets to contact, assemble and manage crews during an emergency or all hazards event. That’s where ARCOS comes in. ARCOS web-enabled software is helping gas utilities, electric utilities and power plants across the nation fully automate their crew assembly and management processes—ultimately, reducing risk and saving time and money.


For gas utilities and power plants, time is critical during an emergency event. Using ARCOS crew call out and crew management solution has proven to reduce the time it takes to locate the employees or contractors with the right skills and resources to address the problem. And faster response to an emergency reduces the risk of a situation escalating, improves customer safety and helps you to avoid unwanted media attention.

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