Resource Management Software for Utility Operations

Utility operations and dispatch managers are improving response time with ARCOS. Learn How.


For utility operations managers, ICS managers, and emergency managers, being ready to respond to daily electric outages or gas odor reports are critical to customer safety and satisfaction.

But what does that really mean on a daily basis and during an all hazards event or emergency? Generating power or maintaining electric or gas service to thousands or even millions of customers involves a great deal of planning, organization, and effective processes as well as skilled, well-trained crew members. Keeping energy flowing to customers requires having a stream-lined process in place to call out, assemble and manage utility crews, logistics and resources. Having an automated solution that can be used every day and during emergencies can make a positive measurable difference in the service you deliver. ARCOS helps utilities respond, restore and report in real-time for both day-to-day service restoration needs and for all hazards events.

Major factors that can hinder restoring the flow of energy to customers are slow manual processes that delay utility crew response time. A longer response time can also lead to lower customer service ratings and cost millions of dollars. The ARCOS Callout Suite can help you improve service reliability, save money and ultimately reduce CAIDI/SAIDI and gas leak response times. The Callout Suite helps to reduce the time required to assemble and track utility repair crews from hours to just minutes by automating calls, complex crew scheduling, union and business rules. It also provides centralized control for improved visibility and situational awareness into operations during events. The detailed, real-time reporting provides accurate information for utility managers and supervisors including proof of results and post event evaluation and benchmarking.

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The ARCOS Callout and Crew Manager solutions deliver strong return on investment (ROI) so that they often pay for themselves in the first year. ARCOS extends across the enterprise by supporting business continuity, emergency preparedness, communications and improved business intelligence in addition to callout and scheduling capabilities.

Below is just an example of the way ARCOS resource management solutions help save time and money for utility operations:


  • Saves time by automating utility call outs and crew assembly by ensuring the best qualified resources are quickly assigned to jobs
  • Simplifies ongoing communications by automating calls, email and text alerts with critical updates
  • Simplifies tracking and management of company and contractor crews and resources from a centralized database
  • Improves situational awareness – identifies where your crews are in the event your facilities are compromised
  • Provides automated generation and distribution of detailed reports for call out efficiency, organizational and employee performance.
  • Includes detailed reports for regulated electric utilities during the cost recovery process.
  • Allows for faster configuration and deployment of crews by utility-defined locations, staging areas and service centers via dashboard
  • Manages and records key operational information – updates and tracks crew status, vehicle assignment, reporting supervisor and other operational information using touch-screen interface
  • Improves crew productivity – updates crew status in real-time through a centralized or distributed emergency management structure