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Foundations Of Emergency Management – The Primer

By June 27, 2021Blog

When dealing with emergencies, there is no one size fits all response for every instance.  Each problem is different (whether we like it or not) and that is never easy, however; there are three keys to making your response to any major disaster as seamless as possible: planning, rapid mobilization, and communication. 

Emergency Planning 

Emergency planning may be the single most important thing you can do to ensure you are ready for any event. Without a plan in place, you can expect absolute chaos the second things don’t go as expected. Rather than winging it, make sure to have a detailed plan of action beforehand. 

Having the Right Systems 

Once your plan is in place, you can focus on making sure you have the right systems implemented to ensure rapid mobilization of your workers to the job site.  Sometimes it can be difficult getting the right workers, especially with the variety of jobs demanded. Determining who is qualified to do the job, how many workers you need, and who is off or on vacation can be a very time-consuming process. However, this is where technology and software systems can be your best friend, doing all of this for you at the click of a button. 


The third key is communication. Communication between supervisors and field workers is paramount.  Bad communication can often make situations even worse than before.  Luckily, technology is to the rescue again with real time visibility that allows supervisors to see exactly where their crews are, what the problem is, and how progress is going all in real time, along with recording all of the data that comes along with these projects. 

Let’s Roll 

ARCOS is a leading software company whose goal is to make your life easier by implementing each of these three keys into your company with technology.  We have helped countless critical infrastructure partners create a planmobilize their workers faster than ever before, and communicate effectively all while dealing with whatever catastrophe comes their way. Our new video series ‘The Foundations of Emergency Management’ goes into detail on these three keys and how they can help you and much more.  If you have a minute, check the videos out and realize your company’s potential! 

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