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COVID 19 & Airline Shift Management

By July 23, 2020Blog

This year, summer vacations are looking a little different amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Family travel plans continue to change or take on new traditions (road trip, anyone?) as we all work to maintain social distancing and be as sanitary as possible. Back in April, airline traffic was the lowest it has been since 1994. So, what do things look like now as we head into the heart of summer – AKA the busiest travel season for the airline industry? 

According to Forbes: more people are flying againAlthough at lower rates than normal, major airlines are continuing to add flights, and are expected to offer even more flights throughout July. Passengers now have more domestic flight options across the United States, with Florida proving to be a popular destination as Disney World re-opens.

As larger groups of travelers start to fill airports, many airline staff could still be taking unexpected time off to face COVID-19 challenges. Critical infrastructure industries throughout the world are quickly adapting and evolving to make last-minute changes and allow for remote work. But some are finding that it’s hard to be innovative and accommodating when weighed down with manual paper processes and dealing with a lack of visibility into employee schedules and shift management.

How is your airline keeping up? We know that stacks of paper lists, grievances due to human errors, and lines of employees waiting to swap shifts or request PTO may be your unfortunate reality. Thankfully – it doesn‘have to be this way. Your peers are using the ARCOS Resource Management platform to help manage daily operations and IROPS during the pandemic with one source of truth, and the ability to:

  • Empower employees to manage their own schedules, including: shift swapping, trading, bidding, and PTO – directly from their smartphones, while automatically adhering to your company policies and union rules 
  • Handle unplanned absences automatically, reducing administrative time 
  • Access a cloud-based solution with 99.99% uptime for emergency response, shift management and mass communication from anywhere, on any electronic device 
  • Send mass notifications to workforce about changing schedules, new shifts, or updated work locations or procedures 
  • Provide situational awareness to all levels of management and stakeholders, like who is working, which shifts are affected, and more 

Learn more about automating your shift management to keep up with unplanned changes during the COVID-19 pandemic with our latest on-demand webinar and demo of ARCOS RosterAppsEmployees, managers, and supervisors can start gaining more time and control today, leading to efficient operations that are ready to handle the increase in summer flights. 

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