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How to Optimize your Labor Costs in the New Normal

By July 29, 2020Blog

There are many challenges facing critical infrastructure companies during these strange times. Whether its trying to accomplish more work with less people to respond to demand, fill open shifts after a positive test from the current pandemic, or even just communicate instantly with your entire staff – the need to simplify and optimize operations has become apparent during these uncertain times. When it comes to optimizing your labor cost, critical infrastructure companies must juggle many things from shift coverage on short notice to maintaining compliance with union and workplace regulations, or even maintaining productivity levels through unplanned events. 

So, how do you make these decisions to manage your workforceThe first priority – having all the information you need in real-time and historical look-back. Having visibility into all parts of your organization is paramount and can be the difference between lean, efficient operations and a complicated, tedious situation. By harnessing the power of automation and digitizationyou could eliminate many manual processes. As an example, imagine a world where your employees would have the ability to trade and swap shifts on their own, within established business guidelines, without having to get a supervisor involved. Not only that, but you could open new non-standard shifts and fill them with a bid process in accordance with union or business rules without ever having to email or pick up the phone. That means less grievances, less headaches and less money out of your pocket. 

Lastly, when trying to optimize your labor costs, communication is of critical importance and can save you from wasting precious time and remove hours of manual process that may end up costing you. 

ARCOS can help make the difference between an agile, flexible morning to maintain service levels and having to manage inefficiencies with labor that will affect your bottom line. Saving operating costs by reducing the amount of supervisor time for more important tasks, maintaining minimum staffing levels automatically and ensuring the safety of your workforce is of the utmost priority. Helping your workforce feel safe, in direct communication with supervisors, and in control of their schedules will not only keep them focused and productive, but it will also later help you with retention, and attract new skilled labor. 

The benefits of the ARCOS platform can take your operations from slow, inefficient, and costly, to a well-oiled machine. 

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