Electric Utility Resource Management Solutions

Simplify Electric Utility Crew Scheduling and Call Outs

Electric utilities are under constant demand to keep communities up and running on the power they rely on day-to-day.

ARCOS Callout and Crew Management solutions are specifically designed to help electric utilities manage situations such as downed lines or poles, weather related outages, equipment failure, and other unplanned events and emergencies.

Shareholders, regulators, and customers are demanding faster response from electric companies. ARCOS simplifies this outage management process for you. Our electric utility call out and crew scheduling software speeds up the process of calling out crews and managing your emergency resources through automation. It provides one centralized place to manage resources and helps you to pre-plan for and place the right people at the right place at the right time.

Regulators, executives, and labor leaders are demanding transparency in metrics, resources, compliance, and safety. ARCOS provides the information, tools, dashboards and reports you need for quick and easy insight into electric crews during a major restoration event. Having this information at your fingertips allows you to improve cost recovery with regulators, report instantly with real-time information to executives, and have a snapshot of events to review with labor leaders.

Whether you are an Investor Owned Utility (IOU), electric cooperative or public utility district, you can realize cost savings for your electric company, save time, and reduce risk by automating the management of emergency crew and resources, with ARCOS. Learn more about successful automation for calling out electric utility crews and managing day-to-day dispatching and emergency resources.


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Electric Cooperative: Speed, Satisfaction & Safety – J.D. Power Utility Award Winner

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