Software for Gas Call Outs

Save Critical Time while Responding to Gas Emergencies

Gas utilities are managing expectations of communities including customers, regulators government officials and the media.

Of course, community and employee safety is a top priority. In order to ensure gas safety, getting the right crews to the right place at the right time is critical. That’s where ACROS Callout and Crew Manager software comes in. ARCOS provides a gas utility resource management solution that helps gas utilities to quickly and efficiently call out crews and manage schedules and logistics when it counts most.


ARCOS helps to reduce response time for gas leaks while making it easier to follow potential union rules through automation. The system also records the steps taken in each emergency situation which helps to eliminate grievances and also provides easy reporting for regulatory groups.


Top gas utilities across North America are using ARCOS gas emergency response software to ensure customer safety by getting crews to gas leak sites faster. For example, Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation, serving over 74,000 natural gas customers in the New York area, finds ARCOS essential to their business. Central Hudson outperforms the corporate-set leak response time, as well as the standards set by the New York Public Service Commission.


Many utility executives, regulators, FERC, FEMA and labor leaders are demanding metric details, compliance, and safety reporting. ARCOS helps you to be prepared to share critical data in real time and post emergency event. Automated call out and crew management systems are enabling gas utilities to improve their operational insight into gas leak response with automatic documentation and reporting at your fingertips.


Review the business case for gas call out automation. The ARCOS solution pays for itself through the reduction of hard costs alone. When soft costs are added, the decision to go with ARCOS is one of the easiest (and most profitable) ones you will ever make. The ARCOS Suite is highly scalable, and will benefit your utility whether you are an IOU or a Membership Cooperative. ARCOS is one of the few systems you will ever implement that will be up and running in less than three months, demonstrate real ROI within six months, completely pay for itself within one year, and result in positive cash savings year over year. Talk to an expert today in your area.