Power Plants Resource Management Solutions

Automate POWER PLANT Crew Scheduling and Emergency Responses

Power generation plants have a great deal of responsibility that requires specific scheduling of various skilled experts to keep them running safely.

Filling crews and having an emergency preparedness plan is critical to keeping energy flowing and communities up-and-running. Automating power plant crew call out and scheduling with the ARCOS software solution is helping many power plants to save time and money while reducing risk. Learn how Duke Energy is using automated call out software in this power plant case study and check out our business case for plant supervisors and managers showing how ARCOS software pays for itself- saving money and improving efficiency. 

Power plants face pressure to execute contracts and conduct operations at the lowest costs.Talk to a resource management software expert, and find out how ARCOS can help to improve operational efficiency by reducing labor costs and keeping personnel focused on their core tasks instead of making repeated phone calls to fill shifts, respond to emergencies or plan overtime work. 

Why Use power plant crew call out and scheduling software?

Minimize Replacement Power

Power plants must maintain generation output and minimize load reductions or de-rates to maximize revenue. Coal pulverizer breakdowns, boiler tube leaks, and other problems must be addressed quickly to prevent avoidable revenue leakage. The ARCOS power plant resource management software plugs revenue leaks by minimizing downtime and reducing the amount of replacement power to be purchased.

Manage Labor Agreements and Compliance

Ideally, you want to minimize grievances and improve morale, while generating more productivity from your workforce. ARCOS web-enabled resource management software reduces callout related grievances by enforcing labor contract compliance and equalizing overtime opportunities—helping to improve productivity.

Optimize Power Plant Staffing Levels

Power plants must maintain critical staffing levels, or face fines from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). ARCOS addresses staffing levels through a centralized power plant crew scheduling system, and with real-time alerts of staffing issues, automate the call out process to fill shifts.

Improve Emergency Preparedness and Response

Maintaining readiness to react to natural disasters or terrorist threats is critical. The ARCOS solution improves readiness and speeds communications through its centralized automated response system and mass notification capabilities.

The Business Case for Automation

ARCOS pays for itself through the reduction of hard costs alone. When soft costs are added, the decision to go with ARCOS is one of the easiest (and most profitable) ones you will ever make. The ARCOS Suite is highly scalable, and will benefit your power plant whether it is large or small. ARCOS is one of the only resource management systems you will ever implement that will be up and running in less than three months, demonstrate real return on investment (ROI), and result in positive cash savings year over year. To learn more, take a look at the business case for automation with ARCOS.