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Actionable Operational Analytics for Utilities

Maximize Reliability, Productivity, and Resources

Utility Insight Product Sheet

A Complete Operational View

Utility Insight includes three key displays out of the box, emphasizing the key sets of information your organization needs to align around a shared view of your data.

System View

At a glance, see your entire system and all active planned & unplanned work, with live updates for response KPIs, customer impact, and outage root causes.

Commander View

Designed for on-hands operational use, the Commander view allows for a deeper level of detail into current activity in the field, with a configurable map view in a single interface.

Resource View

Realtime performance measurements across the system down to individual resources, including forecasting of resource availability based on schedules and historical performance.

Impact Outcomes In Real Time

Utility Insight’s configurable cloud-based analytics empower you to act immediately on key metrics, helping utilities make the next best decision in any given moment to reduce response times and shrink SAIDI/CAIDI.

Take Direct Action From a Single Interface

Utility Insight integrates directly with your key operational tools, so that you can observe activity in real time and activate personnel to impact events as they happen.

Deliver Real-time Situational Awareness

Utility Insight reaches into your digital ecosystem to create a full view of operational data with pre-built and configurable integrations that bring disconnected systems together.

Align Around Shared, Focused Views

Experience operational data in powerful new views tailored for each member of your team to keep all stakeholders in sync, from dispatch to the C-suite.

Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) Drives Clear Operational Awareness for Outage Management with Data-Driven, Actionable Insights

PEC’s outage management team was burdened with managing siloed IT/OT systems and workflows, limiting timely visibility into the equipment and systems most likely to fail in the future and impact reliability metrics. Discover how America’s largest electric distribution cooperative bridged disconnected information systems with Utility Insight to power real-time operational analytics and generate actionable insights across outages, resources, and reliability.

Read PEC Case Study

Power Smarter, Faster Operational Decisions

Surface new actionable insights across multiple enterprise information systems where critical business data is trapped.

Cut Estimated Time to Recovery for Outages

Empower operations with the information needed to increase ETR precision and restore power quickly.

Stay Poised for Success

Start your day with a full briefing on the previous day’s operations and find quick ways to research and prioritize work.

Accelerate Response with Integrated Callout

Execute general callouts, send notifications and trigger other actions directly from Utility Insight.

Self-Service Reporting

Utility Insight generates a running average for reliability metrics alongside other data trends for context, such as meter growth by district.

Track Resource & Crew Performance Metrics

Optimize performance, ensure best practices, and benchmark operations by district with staffing curves, and ramp rates.

Drive Productivity & Collaboration

Bring ops, customer service, engineering, and the field together around a shared real time view of operations.

Get More from Your Existing IT Investments

Take full advantage of information systems to generate more value while creating new opportunities for operational efficiency.

When my team saw Utility Insight in action at another large Texas utility and what it is capable of, we knew that this is how we are going to accomplish our goal of centralizing dispatch from 40 regional staff to 10 while streamlining outage response processes.


SCADA Operations Manager

Unlock the value of your data. Make better decisions, faster

Uncover insights across multiple enterprise systems with real-time visibility into data that typically remains hidden in silos. Empower operations with the information they need to provide accurate restoration estimates and get the power on faster.

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