ARCOS SIREN Mass Calling

For utilities, having a way to quickly and easily communicate is a critical part of any emergency preparedness plan.


ARCOS SIREN® Mass Calling allows utility executives and management to send customized emergency messages to customers, civil authorities, emergency responders and media about power outages, gas leaks and power plant emergencies. With SIREN Mass Calling added to ARCOS Callout, you have a reliable, multi-channel communication system you can count on to deliver your message to the right audience at the right time. ARCOS SIREN has helped utilities to be more proactive in communicating information on outages, which has resulted in improved customer satisfaction.


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For targeting customers and key constituents with custom messages, ARCOS automatically uploads contact lists in CVS, DAT or TXT formats from other utility software systems and converts data into customizable spreadsheets. Once uploaded, you can easily send messages to specific groups of customers or other parties about outages or emergencies.

In the case of an electric utility experiencing an outage on a specific circuit, or a gas utility with a gas leak, SIREN Mass Calling can deliver a text, email or audio message to customers in the areas affected. It also allows for easy updates to customers and authorities about the progress of work.

Benefits of Siren Mass Calling System

  • Enables custom communications outside the enterprise or internally to employees – keeping them informed about emergency events or safety concerns
  • Ensures fast communications to civil authorities or media on urgent matters
  • Helps to improve customer satisfaction by providing efficient communications during both scheduled and emergency events.
  • Faster communications to employees can save hours of overtime pay and minimize utility company liability
  • Helps utility executives and managers communicate quickly to avoid an incident escalating into a crisis

Features of Siren Mass Calling System

  • Allows for fast targeting broadcasting to customers, civil authorities, emergency responders and media – via text or audio message
  • Maintains detailed records, satisfying state and federal regulators for proof of mandated communication timeframes
  • Supports industry standard CVS, DAT and TXT file formats, enabling loading and execution in seconds

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