ARCOS Mobile App

Our mobile app provides real time access and resource management.  Connect crews to the critical information they need – anytime, anywhere.


ARCOS Mobile is an app that provides easier access to ARCOS Callout, which speeds up the calling and assembly of utility crews for emergencies such as cyber-security breaches, electric outages, gas leaks or power plant boiler tube leaks. Crews can respond quickly with the simple push of a button from their mobile device – shaving time off their response. Now it’s faster for utility managers, supervisors and crews to contact and assemble resources when needed via tablet or smartphone.

If crew members want to change their call out availability for after-hours work, ARCOS Mobile offers a roster view showing utility workers their roster position relative to other field workers. This also eliminates the need to call dispatchers to determine list position. Utility crew members can also see their call out performance and change their contact information. ARCOS Mobile app is downloadable from the iTunes Store or Google Play for ARCOS customers.


Now ARCOS Mobile Callout Customers can create a callout without an activation inside the mobile app with ARCOS Mobile Callout Create. The ARCOS Mobile Callout Create process is optimized for the mobile screen so you can make a callout from meetings, basecamps, home or wherever you are. Submitting a callout from mobile is a simple four-step process:

  1. Select your Callout type
  2. Enter your Callout details and parameters
  3. Create any Sub-Callouts
  4. Adjust any Manual Bypass settings

Submit and that’s it! Just like the web app, any callouts created by mobile will also display on mobile devices and on the web application. Click here to download the ARCOS Callout Create datasheet to learn more!

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