Mobilizing the Enterprise

Provide emergency alerts to utility management, with real-time updates on major event staffing.


During a utility emergency or major event, being able to quickly identify, mobilize and deploy non-traditional employee resources is critical to restoration. ARCOS System Outage Staffing (SOS) works in tandem with ARCOS Callout to leverage the same speed, accuracy and reliability you count on to call out your traditional front line employees, and to secure and deploy resources enterprise-wide for major events. SOS ensures you reach the right people, quickly, in every emergency situation.


  • Improves damage assessment and restoration time with speed and accuracy provided by ARCOS Callout when contacting and deploying utility emergency and major event resources
  • Helps to improve utility crew response rates by providing history and benchmarking information for future process improvements
  • Ensures that your storm response plan secures the right resources, in the shortest amount of time, with an audit trail for regulatory agencies
  • Keeps utility management informed during major event restoration with period real-time updates
  • Helps improve employee accountability by tracking requests and acceptance rates for non-traditional call out employees
  • Improves productivity by allowing emergency response center staff to focus on restoration tasks instead of coordination of schedules and creation of reports
  • Aids in critical decision-making by providing emergency alerts to management with real-time updates on major event staffing


  • Provides a centralized database for major event resource rosters that is automatically updated when employee qualifications change
  • Allows for configurable emergency rosters based on your utilities qualifications
  • Allows for scheduling of automated reporting to utility management without manual intervention
  • Maintains real-time data on employee availability, responses and current staffing levels
  • Provides real-time access to information during events for updates to management, regulators and media
  • Easily integrates with your human resources, training or learning management systems for access to up-to-date employee information
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