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SCWA, which supplies safe, potable drinking water to 1.2 million residents on Long Island, has implemented an automated callout system for its Customer Service personnel as well as Construction Maintenance and Production Control departments that enables the water authority to expeditiously respond to, restore and report on water service interruptions. With a few keystrokes, the system automatically mirrors union agreements dictating the order of callouts and finds and confirms available crews in minutes.


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1. What is ARCOS acquiring?
ARCOS will acquire the Macrosoft Utilities Industry Division which includes the Resources on-Demand (RoD) product, the
Outage Central web portal, and the team that has led all aspects of product development and customer support for RoD

2. What is Resources On-Demand (RoD)?
Macrosoft’s Resources on-Demand software tracks and supports logistics requests during large-scale restoration events.
ARCOS will draw from the features and functionality of RoD to aid utility managers who want to more efficiently link crews
with the equipment, lodging and other logistics needed for daily work and service restoration in the wake of major events.
ARCOS intends to leverage features and functionality from Resources on-Demand and ARCOS Crew ManagerTM to
provide enhanced capabilities to customers.

3. Why did ARCOS acquire the Macrosoft Utility Division?
ARCOS’ mission is to provide utilities with modern resource management solutions that enable utilities of all sizes to
easily collaborate using one unified system, so they can effectively respond, restore and report during local outages as
well as emergency events. The Macrosoft Utility Division supports this mission and will assist ARCOS in rapidly deploying
next generation resources and crew management products that include the latest modern technologies including cloudbased location services, leveraged use of GIS and mobile capabilities.

4. How does this acquisition impact my utility?
The acquisition should have no impact on ARCOS customers using our Resource Management Solutions. Crew Manager
and all existing products offered by ARCOS will continue to be supported.

5. Is ARCOS planning to continue support for the RoD product?
Yes. RoD customers can continue using the RoD product and will continue to receive support and updates from ARCOS.
ARCOS and the new team members acquired from Macrosoft will continue to offer and develop next generation resource
and crew management products that include the latest modern technologies including cloud-based location services,
leveraged use of GIS and mobile capabilities.

6. What is is a public, online portal designed for emergency resource personnel to get comprehensive outage
links to utility outage maps, severe weather alerts, and outage news. The site provides links to all major utilities and also
provides up-to-date news feeds. In the coming months we’ll add additional functionality to to ensure it
continues to become a valuable resource for all utilities.

7. How does ARCOS impact my industry?
Columbus, Ohio-based ARCOS LLC (ARCOS) is the North American leader in crew callout and resource management
SaaS software solutions for the utility industry. ARCOS automates crew callouts, damage assessment and inspection,
and crew and resource management during “blue sky” and emergency events, ultimately helping to restore energy faster,
yet safely, to communities. The award-winning solutions help utilities save time and money, while improving customer
satisfaction. The product suite helps utilities to more quickly and accurately forecast estimated time of restoration (ETR),
provides situational awareness into operations during an event and ultimately helps to improve service restoration and
reliability in addition to reducing costs.

ARCOS counts over 130 utilities as customers including the top 25 of America’s largest electric and gas utilities who
impact 87% of all U.S. electric consumers. ARCOS has a 100% referenceable customer base and 100% implementation
success rate for its products.
ARCOS software is backed by the “best-in-the-business” customer support team, providing 24/7/365 live support to our
customers anytime they need us. Utilities also use ARCOS resource management solutions to communicate with
emergency responders, regulators, media and their entire staff for important updates during an event.
Inc. Magazine has named ARCOS to its Inc. 5000 list multiple times for being one of the fastest growing private
companies in the United States. ARCOS’ promise is to meet and exceed customers’ needs by being responsive,
understanding their business issues and solving them with the most reliable solutions and service in the industry.
For additional questions please contact your ARCOS Account Manager or Lisa Federico, Vice President Marketing at

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ARCOS® LLC, a North American provider of utility resource management software, has added Location Services technology to its Software-as-a-Service solutions to map the real-time location of utility crews. With Location Services, utility managers can continuously track users of the ARCOS Mobile app and store their location within any ARCOS product using a mobile device’s GPS technology.

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