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New ARCOS SOS Software Rallies Accountants, IT Pros and others for Storm Duty

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ARCOS, Inc. has developed a new add-on module for its ARCOS Callout and Scheduling Suite that utility companies can tap to mobilize workers – other than line crews – for major storm duty. Dubbed ARCOS System Outage Staffing, or SOS, the software alerts workers to assume storm jobs such as guarding wires, patrolling sites, liaising with local officials or setting up a contractor staging area.

Salt River Project Navajo Generating Station Marks One Year of Automating Emergency Call Out

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Salt River Project’s coal-fired, 2,250-megawatt Navajo Generating Station near Page, Ariz., is one of only a handful of power-generation plants nationwide (the others include Progress Energy’s Crystal River Complex and Alabama Power Company) that can begin assembling its emergency workforce in minutes, not hours, via callout. Callout is an order to report for emergency or special work at an unusual time or place.

To Speed Up Power Restoration, Sam Houston Electric Coop and ARCOS Automate Crew Call Out and Scheduling

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Automating callout caught the attention of Sam Houston Electric Cooperative Chief Operations Officer David Babcock because he wants his dispatchers to focus on monitoring the utility’s IT systems, not calling linemen for emergency work. Babcock’s goal is to make sure dispatchers concentrate on the activities that improve reliability. To make that happen, Sam Houston Electric Cooperative will put in place a newly purchased ARCOS Suite this May.

To Shorten Outages, AEP Creates Crew Callout

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To meet the new Ohio standards and improve outage response time in other states where the company operates, AEP is deploying strategies such as tree-trimming and more sophisticated meters as well as a newly purchased internet-based software system, made by ARCOS, Inc. The hosted system automatically locates and assembles utility repair crews after normal business hours.

ARCOS Makes Managing Resources “Point-and-Click” for Lee County Cooperative

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No matter what time of day it is, Don King, Lee County Electric Cooperative, Inc.’s senior supervisor for construction and maintenance, knows where his company’s line workers are – all of them. The click of a mouse gives King a complete view into whether they’re working, available to work or unavailable. And the line personnel, who maintain over 8,000 miles of energized line in Southwest Florida, like it that way.

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