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Absence Management

In a perfect world everyone would come in and work their shift as schedule and never get sick or have flat tires or all the other things that can interfere with the plan. For those occasions when things don’t go as planned, RosterApps gives you the ability to mark employees absent and record the reason (and any notes) so that the occurrence is recorded with the shifts history.

Marking Absent

When you need to mark an employee absent, you can select if they were absent for the entire shift, arrived late, or left early. You will also be able to select the reason from a pre-defined set maintained by your company administrator. If the particular reason is tied to one or more accrual accounts, you can also specify the amount of hours they should be paid out of the accrual account(s) for the absence. You can also add notes to record with the incident.


Covering Absences

For those occasions when you need to cover the absence with another employee, RosterApps gives you the ability to select that option and then creates a “covering” shift which you can then assign to another employee.



Infraction Handling

When RosterApps is integrated with a time & attendance system (or you are utilizing RosterApps’ time clock), you can take advantage of the Infraction Handling feature of RosterApps. Infractions are incidents where the punch times of the employees do not match (within the grace periods and rounding rules you establish) the scheduled shift times. The Infraction Handling page provides you with a filtered and sorted list of infractions that you can handle individually or in bulk. The options available for handling each infraction are based on the type of infraction.