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Automated Shift Management in This Day & Age

By June 3, 2021Blog

When you consider all the technology swirling around you today, the possibilities are endless. With almost any movie you have ever seen or any song you’ve ever heard sitting in the palm of your hand via a mobile device, why not turn that power towards your company’s productivity, and ultimately your bottom line? 

Surprisingly enough, with all the technology options out there, companies are still running their staffing, scheduling, shift-filling and callout all from paper spreadsheets. Talk about an Excel nightmare! Not only is this a slow, antiquated process, it actually hurts the performance of your company. When there are errors on spreadsheets, crews being called in to the wrong place or at the wrong time, and supervisors having to make manual phone calls – it impacts your productivity, wastes time, and can affect your bottom line in the end. 

Here’s a quick example; a worker at a manufacturing plant suddenly becomes ill, but they have an 8-hour shift scheduled for that day. That worker contacts their direct supervisor saying they cannot make the shift. Now what? Does the supervisor have to make dozens (if not considerably more) of calls trying to find a replacement? Does the supervisor have to go down a list of union members, so the calls are made in the correct order to avoid a grievance? This doesn’t have to be how the situation unfolds. With ARCOS, we harness the power of automation so that supervisor doesn’t have to take on the time consuming task of finding and calling the correct employee to fill that slot. 

Are you looking for better flexibility in real-time? We developed ARCOS RosterApps to help modernize large workforces by simplifying some of the most demanding tasks. With ARCOS RosterApps, complicated events like shift bidding are simplified through our system. A supervisor sets up a schedule and the process becomes automated with workers bidding on shifts based on their seniority, specific preferences and union or collective bargaining agreements. The supervisor is then notified if there are any conflicts, and they can reach out directly to the employee to address the issue. This whole process takes seconds and helps eliminate the chance of mistakes or operator error. 

Does this sound like something you’d like to experience at your workplace? Check out our shift management video series, or contact us to find out more about the ARCOS Resource Management platform and incident management technology. 

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