Step 2 – ARCOS Resource Mobilization Hands-On Seminar & 30-day Trial

Please join us for a Resource Mobilization Seminar which includes a 30-Day Trial. Learn first-hand from ARCOS experts about the trends and challenges of callout and mobile technologies, as well as, must have features for any solution you are considering. You will also get an inside view of how peer utilities are leveraging the ARCOS Callout and Mobile Application to respond, restore and report more efficiently and at less cost.

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    The 4-Step Engagement Path is designed for utilities to evaluate and easily experience how automation can make a huge impact on the way you manage resources and increase efficiency.

    Here’s how Step 2 works:

    During this session, you will have the opportunity to download the ARCOS Callout and Mobile application and try it out for yourself. A 30-day trial is also included with this seminar to allow you to continue testing the software. Please share the seminar registration link with any of your colleagues who may also be interested in the 30-day trial.


    • You attended the first ARCOS Resource Mobilization Overview live (Step 1), watched the recording, or have had initial conversations with ARCOS about callout.
    • You would like learn more about a callout and mobile solution through a hands-on seminar, and
    • You want to try out the software for yourself


    • Overview of the ARCOS Resource Mobilization Solution – Featuring the Callout and Mobile Applications
    • Hands-on activity with the callout and mobile application
    • Create Callouts and notifications, Run Reports, Manage Resources/Staff, Edit Rosters, etc.
    • Building a business case and how to identify key areas of cost savings and efficiency gains

    There is a $150 registration fee per company (includes up to 3 people).

    This fee covers the costs of supporting our trials users during the 30 Day Trial Period.

    For ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, please contact Tanya Troyer or 614-396-5174.