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Suffolk County Water Authority automates response to water main breaks with ARCOS

By August 28, 2017Press Releases

Columbus, Ohio – August 28, 2017

ARCOS® LLC has implemented its Software-as-a-Service ARCOS CallOut® and Scheduling solution at the Oakdale, N.Y.-headquartered Suffolk County Water Authority to automate how the utility deploys its staff when responding to customer emergencies.

“Until recently it took a significant amount of time to manually call union employees when responding to customer calls, taxing supervisors who made calls from paper lists while juggling other duties,” says Jeffrey Szabo, chief executive officer for the Suffolk County Water Authority. “Manual callouts delayed assembling crews, lengthening emergency response time.”

SCWA, which supplies safe, potable drinking water to 1.2 million residents on Long Island, has implemented an automated callout system for its Customer Service personnel as well as Construction Maintenance and Production Control departments that enables the water authority to expeditiously respond to, restore and report on water service interruptions. With a few keystrokes, the system automatically mirrors union agreements dictating the order of callouts and finds and confirms available crews in minutes.

When using the callout system after business hours, Szabo says the utility mobilizes crews and responds to work up to 40 minutes faster than the prior manual process. With the automated system, supervisors can now have paperwork ready, a “mark out” called in and be on site when crews arrive. SCWA has also used the ARCOS callout system to reach 800 customers who were without water for several hours, reducing its Customer Service workload from hours to minutes.

“Automated callout has also improved our reporting and analytics for callouts and overtime,” adds Szabo. “The automated callout system has eliminated union grievances on callouts and reduced legal expenses, along with improving our customer service.”


ARCOS is the North American leader in delivering resource management SaaS solutions to the utility industry. ARCOS automates crew assembly and resource management daily and during emergencies, ultimately helping to restore energy faster, yet safely, to communities. The award-winning solution helps utilities save time and money, while improving customer satisfaction. Learn more about ARCOS resource management software at ARCOS CallOut® and ARCOS Crew Manager® are registered trademarks of ARCOS LLC.

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