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Taking advantage of automated processes in Telecommunication

By October 1, 2020Blog

Similar to many critical infrastructure organizations, telecommunications companies have had to adjust and change the way they manage operations, workload management and workforce optimization due to COVID-19.  

Welcome to the new normal. No one saw it coming, but now even simple tasks must be weighed with the risk of transmission and the goal to maximize efficiency of operations. 

Having the ability to speed up and automate daily operations priorities like absence management, workload management and social distancing requirements due to the current pandemic are major challenges, before you even start thinking about all the other “big stuff”. Accounting for all your workers, while incorporating sick days, vacation days, union rules and company regulations can give even the best schedulers headaches. Making sure you have the right workers in the right place, at the right time is the key to efficiency – and getting work done.  

When a cell tower needs repaired or you’re behind on rolling out 5G infrastructure, you’re under pressure to get a crew on site yesterday. Your crews and supervisors might be drowning in spreadsheets, emails and whiteboards in order to find out where they need to be and what equipment they need – talk about a tremendous loss in productivityIt would be great to have a solution that diminishes response time to unplanned events and acquires the right people for the right job automatically.  

An automated resource management platform IS that something.  With automation and real-time data for decision-making, emergency response time can be cut down to a minimum along with the stress of crew management and job status updates throughout the dayReource Management platform like ARCOS can help you acquire additional workforce according to your business rulespair them with work and equipment, and get them out the door – without any tedious phone calls or emails It can make mountains of work seem like small bumps in the road and allow workers and managers alike to focus on the big picture, rather than menial tasks. 

You are not alone in your struggles, and ARCOS has helped over 230 critical infrastructure companies manage their resources efficiently. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as we can help with your staff planning, shift management, and workload management – just to name a few. With our technology dispatch and crew management headaches become a thing of the past. Even in the new normal we can help you work smarter, not harder.  

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