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The ARCOS IdeaBank: Collaborating with our Utility Partners

By August 24, 2021Blog

Let’s take a journey back in time, where some may remember seeing walls covered from floor to ceiling in post-it notes at past ARCOS User Conferences. Was it a fancy art project? No, not at all. It was a way for our users to share new ideas and features they would like to see in our solutions or thoughts on current functionality they felt could be enhanced or expanded upon. ARCOS would spend hours cataloging every single notion that was written on those little yellow squares and give them to our team of developers.  

User requests are always taken very seriously by ARCOS. We are one of the only software companies that truly built our resource management platform hand-in-hand with the individuals who were going to use it. The wall was vital to ARCOS’s future innovation and drive to take on the industry’s toughest challenges. Flashforward years later, and just as spreadsheets and paper have been replaced with ARCOS Callout, Crew Manager and Mobile Workbench, the post-it notes are gone and now exchanged with a new mode of direct customer communication – the ARCOS IdeaBank 

What exactly is it?​ The ARCOS IdeaBank is designed to provide customers with an online voice that gives them a seat to help co-design our solutions with the features, UX, and functionality that they need and find beneficial to their real-world and life situations. It provides ARCOS with a single source to gather ideas and feedback, so ideas can be researched and prioritized​ by our product and development teams. You can even vote on the features you would like to see.  

What can you do on the ARCOS IdeaBank?  

  • SUBMIT your product ideas and product feedback​ 
  • VIEW other’s product ideas and feedback​ 
  • VOTE on the product ideas you feel would help you and others most​ 
  • REPLY and RESPOND to anyone’s product ideas or feedback​ 
  • TRACK where product ideas are in the ARCOS Product Enhancement Process 
  • FOLLOW and SHARE posted ideas or feedback​ 
  • SEARCH for posted ideas 
  • RECEIVE notifications when the IdeaBank is updated 

And it’s open 24/7, so whenever an idea may strike, you can access the feedback forum and share what’s on your mind while it’s fresh and crazy enough to be the next big ARCOS solution.  

The ARCOS IdeaBank is live and running now, so check it out by clicking here. And don’t forget to give the ideas already posted a thumbs up or down. Items are prioritized based on the amount of likes and dislikes they have. Join your fellow users and start participating today. We look forward to seeing your thoughts on the ARCOS IdeaBank! 

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