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The Longview Vision of FEMA Reimbursement and Storm Cost Recovery

By April 12, 2021Blog

In cooperation with our utility partners, ARCOS has spent a lot of time mapping out successful ways to streamline the FEMA reimbursement process.  It’s not only an attempt to speed up storm cost recovery but to untangle what has traditionally become balled-up lines of crisscrossing reporting that confuse everyone, including regulators and auditors. 

We thought we would back up the truck a bit and review some of the resources that are at your disposal to help provide transparency, show what really happened, when and with whom, and give you the data to plan and manage any event or future calamity that stands to strain resource numbers and work crews.  

Ways to Learn 

Just last week, our blog took a look at how tech can solve storm cost recovery nightmares. We outlined how there is a simple, long-term solution for short-term small and large catastrophic events that can track requested FEMA and regulator criteria like: 

  • Logistics, including crew lodging and meals 
  • Point of Repair data capture, including GPS coordinates 
  • One Source of Truth placed in historical time sequence 

Automated solutions are the key to tracking and recording data seamlessly and effortlessly.  

ARCOS also has a recent whitepaper available that tackles the question of How utilities, municipalities, and cooperatives can save time recovering storm restoration costs?” The paper shares real-world knowledge gained from our customers and their operations, and how automation could cut their storm cost recovery processes in half.  

And for those who learn visually, our team put together an on-demand webinar about improving FEMA cost recovery and disaster funding processesIt is full of tips, suggestions, and even demos of ARCOS solutions that can keep reporting on the right path to a fast financial return. 

ARCOS solutions can also help with long-term project planning and execution, including projects carried out through FEMA mitigation and grant programs. Talk to one of our experts to learn more.  

Untwisting the Strings 

No one wants a complicated mess to sift through. Clear, concise, and up-to-the-minute, accurate reporting is available now  saving your utility time in FEMA reimbursement research and ultimately leading to recovering storm-cost dollars faster. Check out the resources above to start managing people and their work more efficiently, while providing the reporting needed for both planned and unplanned events.  

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