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Using the Benefits of 5G and Technology to Better Workforce Management

By March 30, 2021Blog

As we move quickly through 2021, many things are changing. Warmer weather is finally making an appearance, COVID-19 vaccinations are continuing to roll-out, and your organization probably has a few new major projects underway. All in all, the future is looking bright.

One change that is rapidly becoming a new normal is the introduction of 5G. Most people have heard of it, although many do not realize how large an undertaking 5G really is for telecommunications companies. It may just seem like devices are getting faster, but behind the scenes is a strong workforce that is working hard to make our lives easier.

While front line workers are out in the field installing new hardware to cell towers and upgrading and replacing existing lines and towers, engineers are also upgrading and tweaking the existing software to maximize the speed and reliability of 5G for everyday use. While this is exciting for most, whenever a new project (especially one of this size) is undertaken, it is not a matter of if problems will arise, rather it is when they will arrive.

Having the ability to speed up and automate daily priorities like filling absences, assigning work, and obtaining job status can really impact your day before you even start thinking about the other “big stuff”. But being ready for both planned and unplanned work is of the utmost importance, and one of the best ways to be prepared is to have already have a system in place for filling shifts and finding the right, available people.

So, what does 5G mean for your organization? Whether your crews are out installing and preparing for 5G, or a home office is helping to manage your workforce, you can expect faster communication, better quality of service, higher internet speeds, and longer reach. Sounds great, right? However, what is the point of having such a robust network if its potential is not fully realized? With 5G comes a whole new world of technology at your fingertips, but if you are using those fingertips to manually manage your workforce, some would consider it a waste. That is where ARCOS can help.

Making sure your telecommunications company has the right workers in the right place, at the right time, is the key to doing more with less. With these new 5G advancements, the ARCOS platform can help you gain efficiency and leave the whiteboard and dial phone where they belong: in the past. Industry leaders in critical infrastructure all over North America are using ARCOS to prepare for any situation with a quicker response time, advanced tracking, crew management and reporting (while also saving money). All your hard work on installing 5G can also benefit your own team and mobile workforce’s communication. Allow ARCOS and the power of the 5G you are creating to work together and build a faster, smarter, and more efficient work environment for all.

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