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For utility crews, new ARCOS Location Services technology maximizes work time

By February 28, 2017Press Releases

St. Petersburg, Florida – February 28, 2017 

At the 14th annual ARCOS Conference, which is being attended this year by nearly 60 electric, gas and power-generation utilities, Columbus, Ohio-based ARCOS® LLC, the North American leader in utility resource management software, stated it was adding Location Services technology to its Software-as-a-Service solutions to map the real-time location of utility crews. With Location Services, utility managers can continuously track users of the ARCOS Mobile app and store their location within any ARCOS product using a mobile device’s GPS technology.

“Until now, managers haven’t had a system for establishing either where a worker was coming from when accepting a callout or a crew’s exact location during a shift,” says Ted Schneider, chief technology officer for ARCOS. “Our automated callout solution has always expedited getting a worker on the clock. But with Location Services, managers can maximize a crew’s time while on the clock because they can see how far crews are from their next work site, which helps prioritize jobs.”

The Location Services technology integrates across all of the ARCOS products – including the ARCOS Callout Suite and ARCOS Crew Manager – and collects a lineman’s or mechanic’s location and the roster they are on, once they log onto ARCOS Mobile from their device. When a worker accepts a callout, a map within the ARCOS Mobile app, viewable via desktop computer or mobile device, pinpoints the real-time location of all the individuals who have accepted a callout, which is an alert to report for emergency or special work.

For utility’s using Crew Manager, Location Services converts a graphical list of crews assembled for different jobs onto a map. During daily operations, the Location Services-generated map shows supervisors where crews are minute by minute. The ARCOS Mobile app also records a worker’s location continuously, passing the data to a server to store for reporting.

“Location Services helps utility managers get their crews to as many job sites as possible during an 8- to 10-hour shift, which increases tool time and revenue,” adds Schneider.

The Location Services technology runs within the ARCOS Mobile app on the ARCOS Callout Suite as well as ARCOS Crew Manager.

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ARCOS is the North American leader in delivering crew callout and crew resource management SaaS solutions to the utility industry. ARCOS automates damage assessment and inspection, crew assembly daily and during emergencies, ultimately helping to restore energy faster, yet safely, to communities. The award-winning solutions help utilities save time and money, while improving customer satisfaction. Learn more about ARCOS emergency resource management software at  ARCOS and Crew Manager are registered trademarks of ARCOS LLC.




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