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Accountability, Transparency, Results—ARCOS

The ARCOS® Callout and Scheduling Suite finds, assembles, and tracks repair crews to improve service restoration and emergency response for electric utilities, gas utilities, and power generation plants.

For organizations demanding accountability, transparency, and results in their crew callout operations, ARCOS is the only choice. The ARCOS Callout and Scheduling Suite centralizes management control for improved accountability, provides visibility of operations for transparency, and creates detailed reports for proof of results.

The ARCOS Suite is ideal for situations such as power outages, storm restoration, gas leaks, CAIDI reduction, emergency notifications, crew scheduling, plant de-rate reduction, business continuity, and emergency preparedness.

As the leading expert in crew callout and crew scheduling, ARCOS reduces operations and maintenance costs by automating complex scheduling and callout business rules and delivers a strong ROI. We also provide support for customer service callout, emergency preparedness notifications, real-time employee availability information and improved business intelligence. This comprehensive approach allows ARCOS to become your enterprise solution for all emergency communications and response.

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