ARCOS Callout Solution

Gas and electric utilities are improving service reliability with ARCOS

Discover how gas and electric companies as well as power plants are improving service reliability with ARCOS.

The ARCOS Callout and Scheduling Suite simplifies a utility’s and power generation plant’s ability to respond, restore and report in real-time for service restoration and emergencies.

For most gas and electric utilities, service reliability, business continuity and effective emergency preparedness are critical, especially for leadership. One of the major factors that can hinder a utility is slow manual crew call out processes that delay response time, lower customer service ratings and ultimately cost millions of dollars. The ARCOS Callout Suite can help you save money and ultimately reduce CAIDI/SAIDI and gas leak response times. The ARCOS solution helps to reduce the time required to assemble and track repair crews from hours to just minutes by automating complex utility crew scheduling, union and business rules.  It also provides centralized control for improved visibility and situational awareness into operations during emergency events. The detailed, real-time reporting provides accurate information for resource management and proof of results.

Specifically, the ARCOS Callout Suite enables utilities to:

RESPOND to events and emergencies faster.

  • Save time with faster call outs and utility crew assembly by ensuring the best qualified resources are assigned to jobs
  • Save costs by eliminating paid wait time and call out grievances
  • Simplify union and business rules with built-in automation
  • Eliminate call out related regulatory fines
  • Save time by translating text to speech for audio messages
  • Simplify messaging by automating email and text alerts with critical updates

RESTORE power and pipeline integrity quickly and efficiently.

  • Improve service reliability by calling out utility crews faster when service is compromised
  • Reduce CAIDI/SAIDI and gas leak response time by minutes
  • Speed-up time to power restoration by quickly and easily arranging for the right skills on the right crews
  • Simplify tracking and management of internal and contractor utility crews along with resources from a centralized database
  • Maintain staffing level coverage with centralized crew scheduling and ‘fill-shift’ functionality
  • Provide automated generation and distribution of detailed reports for callout performance, organizational and employee performance and resource availability

The ARCOS Callout Suite delivers strong return on investment (ROI) and often pays for itself in the first year. ARCOS extends across the enterprise by supporting situational awareness and improved business intelligence in addition to crew call out availability and scheduling capabilities.

Additional utility crew call out and scheduling solutions

In order to meet your individual utility’s needs, ARCOS provides additional solutions to enhance crew call out and management. These solutions include:

Crew Manager – Saves utilities time by simplifying the process of managing crews, schedules, logistics and reports during storms and major events.

Mobile – Delivers all the features of the Arcos Callout Suite through your mobile device for faster and easier access for utility managers, supervisors and crews.

System Outage Staffing (SOS) – Mobilizes the entire enterprise by quickly identifying and mobilizing employees with needed skills in your organization.

Closest to the Trouble – Saves time during emergency call outs, especially for gas leaks, by locating the closest available employee to the address.

SIREN Mass Calling – Improves communications to customers and third parties by providing rapid targeted mass notifications.

Vacation Management – Simplifies management of vacation requests and approvals while ensuring daily minimum staffing levels.