Connexus Energy turned to ARCOS

News: Tired of separate, manual processes, Connexus Energy turned to ARCOS for a single, integrated solution.


TECO Energy Had to Respond Fast

News: When an unexpected storm developed over Tampa, Florida in November 2018, TECO Energy had to respond fast. Learn how ARCOS helped.


Resource, Restoration & Remote Work

Blog: The landscape of work is changing. ARCOS can help you prepare and transition.


Case Study: SMECO

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative Streamlines Crew Management


ARCOS Headquarters Concept

News: We can’t wait to move in and hope you’ll visit us there.


Case Study: CGEMC

Central Georgia EMC Automates the Manual Process of Calling Out Crews


Cloud based.  Modern.  Mobile.

ARCOS  Resolves Resource Management Challenges.

Find out why the top 25 electric utilities, progressive airlines and manufacturers look to ARCOS Resource Management solutions to manage tough challenges associated with making sure people are where they need to be to successfully restore service, keep planes moving or production lines running.

Resource Management News

June 22, 2022 in Blog

Lifecycle Management Best Practices

In any company, there are many aspects of the business that undergo a lifecycle. Whether it be a specific resource, process, or set of data, there’s a flow to its usefulness. A lifecycle may unfold naturally, with little oversight into how it progresses. If you're not paying attention, application of an element can continue past the end of its useful…
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June 13, 2022 in Blog

The Real Eye of the Hurricane Part 2: Reporting for Storm Cost Reimbursement

A huge challenge related to storm recovery is recouping your costs from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and other agencies. In an emergency, your focus is on dealing with the immediate damage. Later you go back and worry about filling out the forms. The reconciliation process usually takes months, or even years, with detailed reporting mandatory in all aspects. As…
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June 7, 2022 in News Articles

Connexus Energy turned to ARCOS

Tired of separate, manual processes, Connexus Energy turned to ARCOS for a single, integrated solution. Learn how we helped guide them through the transition and improve their efficiency in this POWERGRID International Article. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!
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June 7, 2022 in Blog

Why Your Homegrown Systems Aren’t Working

There seem to be many benefits to creating homegrown systems for your process needs… at least at first. You control the development and construct it exactly to your specifications. You may save costs up front. Each member of the team can weigh in on what they need and how to do it best, being on-site and involved. Unfortunately, only hindsight is…
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Respond to gas odor and leak reports faster

Speed-up power restoration and reduce costs

Improve customer’s experience and satisfaction

We received four J.D. Power and Associates customer satisfaction awards. We believe the new callout system played a part in winning those awards.

A.C.”Bo” SonntagDistribution Operations Supervisor | Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative

ARCOS saves us time and money.
It took hours to compile reports for executives and regulatory authorities, now it’s just minutes.

Kerri FosterT&D Support, Programs & Projects | Iberdrola USA

For NiSource, automated callout and CTT have given the utility an unparalleled way to know who’s closest to its customers.

Jim WolfeManager, Gas Distribution’s Integration Center & Mobile Application Support | NiSource

When we have a need, ARCOS is responsive, resourceful, respectful and committed to our success. They go out of the way for you. Customer Service is of paramount importance to ARCOS and it’s clear in everything they do every single day.

Steve ChafinManager Emergency Preparedness | Dominion Virginia Power

RosterApps standardizes the way we manage the requirements of our union agreements and company policy and ensures an equitable process for approximately 9,000 ground staff. It gives us consistency across our 120 locations, which was difficult to achieve with the paper system we’ve used.

Keith AllenProduct Manager for Airport Operations & Customer Service | Alaska Airlines

Sitting in gate area waiting for a trip to Toronto. Just spoke to a Pilot, “M.W.”. I handed him my business card and before I could say anything he had a big smile on his face and said “Oh ARCOS, great to meet you. I love your app and just used it last week. I’ve used it several times to pick up trips and I would not change anything about it."

An ARCOS exchange at the Atlanta airportM.W. - Pilot at a major US airline

Developers listened and grabbed one of my requests. Thanks! It's way better than the old fashioned phone call system. I even assigned a different ringtone for the app!

An ARCOS Mobile App User