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ARCOS Mobile Workbench is a utility-specific mobile workforce management
solution that empowers crews to seamlessly manage planned & unplanned
work in one simple, intuitive cloud-based system.



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Find out why the top 25 electric utilities, progressive airlines and manufacturers look to ARCOS Resource Management software & solutions to manage tough challenges associated with making sure people are where they need to be in order to successfully restore service, keep planes moving, or production lines running. For decades we have been perfecting our digital utility software into an easily deployable solution, through the use of our automated mobile workforce management systems you can restore power, report incidents, assess damage, and assemble a crew in a flash.

Resource Management News

November 21, 2022 in News Articles

How a real time view of utility field work is safer and more profitable

ARCOS’s Jason Rhoades, author of our recent blog series on Building the Digital Utility of the Future, recently spoke to PowerGrid International about how a real-time view of utility field work is safe and more profitable. Utilities are using mobile workforce management software to gain unprecedented insight into work-site conditions and progress reports for both blue skies and gray. This…
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September 16, 2022 in News Articles

Taking Aim at the Utility Industry’s Field Mobility Challenge

In 2020, AEP’s seven operating companies spearheaded a multiyear technology effort to make communicating about field work simpler, safer, and smarter.
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July 13, 2022 in News Articles

Shenandoah Valley Electric Co-op Plans to Automate Crew-Building

The software will help the cooperative to coordinate crews working on large projects or responding to storms.
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July 12, 2022 in News Articles

ARCOS Headquarters Update

In June, ARCOS announced that our new headquarters is coming soon. Well, construction has started and here’s a glimpse of the progress so far!
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