ARCOS® Callout and Scheduling Suite

ARCOS Callout module

The ARCOS Callout module automates the crew callout process for service disruption, emergency repair, filling a shift or special projects. It quickly assembles a qualified team, with strict adherence to your business rules such as overtime rules, fatigue management regulations, and labor union contracts.

The ARCOS Callout application automates three critical processes: System Readiness, the Callout Process, and Callout Summary and Reporting.

System Readiness: As the name implies, system readiness refers to having the system set up for callout operations. Operators can enter employee names, job classifications and up to three contact devices (phones, pagers, PDAs). In addition, users can define an unlimited number of callout lists by service center, job classification, skill or crew. Finally, all callout rules can be defined for each callout list so that all business practices and union rules are strictly followed during every callout.

Callout Process: The Callout module confirms callout rules and employee availability, then executes the automated callout process. It obtains and documents employee acceptance or decline of callout offers. The ARCOS Suite simultaneously calls as many people as requested, without overfilling the callout requirements.

Callout Recap and Reporting: The Callout module provides recap and detailed reports for operations responsible for callouts, employee performance, and callout rule compliance. Management reporting includes detailed and recap callout information by individual including all call recordings. Reporting for employee performance includes a variety of options such as reporting by company, by business unit, by division, by location, by job class, and so on. Reporting for compliance includes detailed recording keeping of all callouts and callout roster lists for transparency of union and business rule compliance.

The ARCOS Callout application is essential for accountability, transparency, and results of the callout process in your organization.

  • Accountability: Makes business rules inherent in the system, by providing equal access to system data, and by enabling proof of compliance to business and labor rules.
  • Transparency: Provides complete documentation of every callout, with granular data proving callout execution.
  • Results: Reduces the callout time to minutes and increases callout consistency.