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Speed Utility Crew Response in Real-Time

Speed callout time by 12x for record-breaking CAIDI/SAIDI and virtually eliminate grievances. With ARCOS Callout cloud-based software and mobile app, your team will initiate a callout in just minutes when issues and emergencies arise while equalizing work according to business rules and union agreements.

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Mobilize Qualified

Automate fill rosters and
mobilize in minutes

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Improve Situational Awareness​

Staff crews in real-time by
availability and proximity

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Fill Callout Shifts
in Seconds

Automatically account for
union rules and other criteria

Reduce Time to Assemble Crews

Whether you’re handling emergency scenarios with many moving parts or managing complex daily operations, our automated utility crew callout software saves you valuable time.

A utility worker looking at ARCOS's Callout workforce resource management app
A utility worker hooking up a transformer part to be lifted by a cable

Automate the Process of Assign Resources

Ensure service reliability and get qualified responders into the field faster knowing that all your union agreements, regulations, and business rules are being taken into account. Set the criteria you need for your scenario, and our automated field service callout system selects the best-qualified workers.

Situational Awareness From Blue to Gray Skies

Get complete situational awareness, with real-time visibility into staff availability. Our service and utility callout system allows you to track and report on everything from high-level staffing and resource availability, to individual callout-related details with the click of a button. Automated reporting allows those that need them to have the information they need delivered to them.

Emergency workers responding to clear roads of debris
A utility worker tightening a power line in a cherry picker

Minimize Grievances and Stay Compliant

Keep your business compliant and up-to-date with regulations, obligations, and legal provisions such as union contracts, collective bargaining agreement requirements, work period limits, and other policies. Minimize callout-related grievances and associated costs with comprehensive reporting. Let our union workforce resource management software automatically do the work for you and virtually eliminate error.

Mobilize and Manage More Efficiently

  • Ensure proper utility crew assembly by having the best-qualified resources assigned to jobs that matter the most.

  • Simplify callout rules for unions and businesses with built-in automation.

  • Automate email and text alerts with critical updates.
  • Easy to adopt by the field with mobile app, text, and/or phone communications
  • Automation reduces costs associated with manual and inefficient processes.
  • Reduce callout error related expenses such as grievance payments, make-up work, and extra overtime
  • Automatically generate and distribute detailed reports for callout performance, organizational and employee performance, and resource availability.

Configured to Meet Your Needs

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Incident Manager

For office employees designated to play a role in emergency situations, Incident Manager empowers utilities to quickly assign teams and activate plans to respond faster.

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Mobile App

Instantly connect crews on-the-go via tablet or smartphone with our mobile app, and shave time off their response.

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Closest to Trouble (CTT)

Save time during critical events by locating the closest available employee to the incident location.

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Siren® Mass Calling

Send customized emergency messages to customers, civil authorities, emergency responders, and media about power outages, gas leaks, power plant emergencies, and more.

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Vacation Management

Automate the process of ensuring holiday and vacation coverage. Enforce minimum coverage rules, and report on coverage areas of concern by department or area.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

From the largest electric and gas utilities in North America to major airlines, Fortune 150 energy companies and more, leaders put their trust in us.

Knowledge is Power

Learn how ARCOS is helping companies elevate efficiencies and customer satisfaction by reading our case studies and white papers. Or, hear it in the words of our customers by watching our video series.

Transmission line which has fallen across the road

Managing Emergencies More Effectively

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A utility worker using ARCOS utility software on a tablet to check power levels at a plant

Keys to Utility Workforce Agility: Orchestrating Large Scale Incident Response

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Three circular graphics containing images of utility workers working on power lines and connected through ARCOS utility software

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