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The Right People in the Right Place, Right Away

Crew Manager lets you assign, track, and manage your active crews in real time, allowing utilities to quickly determine the availability of native and non-native crews, vehicles, and equipment. Our cloud-based, crew scheduling software gets crews on-site 30% faster for quicker restoration, reduced windshield time, and more satisfied customers. The transition from blue to gray sky is virtually effortless, reducing training time while keeping operations centralized with automated reporting.

Maximize Wrench Time

Crew Manager utility crew management software eliminates Excel spreadsheets, whiteboards, and phone calls to dramatically reduce the time it takes to assemble crews so you can maximize wrench time. Our powerful API brings all your information together, such as work orders, crew time and availability, employee records, historical callout data, and more. Improved operational insight with location tracking from employee’s own devices allows you to better manage personnel, increase crew productivity, eliminate unnecessary overtime, and make informed decisions to ensure business continuity.

A utility worker screwing a bolt into a power line

Seamlessly Blend Native and Non-Native Resources

With full visibility into mutual assistance efforts, Crew Manager lets you instantly see what non-native resources have been acquired along with the ability to quickly and accurately deploy them across your system. You have the same ability to track and communicate with non-native workers, ensuring they are following your guidelines and safety procedures. This utility contractor management reduces risk and prevents errors to increase efficiency, while saving time and money.

Automated, Detailed Reporting Leads to Cost Savings and Recovery

Crew Manager is resource management software that automates the reporting process, allowing you to quickly call up all the details of what you’ve done, as well as preplan for the future. It provides invoice verification, more rapid loss recovery, and high confidence in your data, recouping millions of dollars you’d otherwise lose.

Two utility workers standing side by side operating crane controls

Keeping Your Boots-On-The-Ground Crews Safer

Improve your real-time situational awareness and ensure crews are being dispatched safely. By simply clicking a button, you can automate the process of scheduling rest and recovery periods for your crews, assign them lodging, and route needed equipment. Our utility crew manager software also broadcasts bulk safety messages and warnings to field crews directly so that workers in the field have the latest essential information.

Get More Done, More Efficiently

  • Everything you need to assemble and track your crews is in one centralized, comprehensive ecosystem.
  • Get real-time crew tracking and availability, streamlined reporting, and workflow automation.
  • Accumulate and record all relevant management data in one database.
  • Our software is simple to use and easy to understand.
  • Our solutions scale with your operations.
  • Drag and drop management is quick and easy to use.
  • Improve productivity and gain full visibility into operations with minimal training.
  • Keep up with ever changing needs, as Crew Manager is frequently improved to make it more agile and relevant.
  • Automate rest and scheduling to ensure full coverage and compliance with business rules, union agreements, and regulations and reduce unnecessary overtime costs.

In the Company of Excellence

From the largest electric and gas utilities in North America to major airlines, Fortune 150 energy companies and more, leaders put their trust in us.

Knowledge is Power

Learn how ARCOS is helping companies elevate efficiencies and customer satisfaction by reading our case studies and white papers. Or, hear it in the words of our customers by watching our video series.
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Power Up Your Crews

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