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Revolutionizing Mobile Workforce Management

Automate 90% of utility workflows, damage assessment to construction management. Shaped by front line crews and leadership from major power transmission and distribution operators, ARCOS Mobile Workbench is utility-specific mobile workforce management software that seamlessly manages daily operations and emergency response in one mobile app. It creates a single operational view across your systems of record to improve safety, accelerate restoration and response time, and lower costs.

Empower Crews to Safely Take the Best Next Step

Powering real-time situational awareness, ARCOS Mobile Workbench puts critical details, such as the latest circuit maps, at the fingertips of your field crews for safer operations.

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A close up of a utility worker holding a remote electrical switch

Respond and Restore with Greater Agility

Always in a storm or preparing for major outages, utilities need agility. ARCOS Mobile Workbench empowers your team to rapidly mobilize crews to the right location and prioritize repair, helping your team close more trouble tickets per day and cut days of restoration for major storm outages with a complete damage assessment workflow.

Accelerate Revenue to the Bottom Line

Increase capital project throughput and reduce material losses with a complete digital construction management system spanning pre-construction design change, inventory management, adders and digital redlines, and project closeout. Get to the next job faster and accelerate construction work in progress (CWIP) recovery.

Close up view of hands holding a cell phone showing ARCOS's mobile workforce management software for utilities
Lineman preparing to leave service yard remembers to release himself from a callout using ARCOS software on his phone.

Connect the Field and Back Office to Maximize Wrench Time

Get a complete, real-time street level view of assets, work status, and the location of employees and contractors for a single shared view that enables back office teams and field personnel to see the same thing at the same time, creating new opportunities to optimize resource management and wrench time.

Drive Situational Awareness in the Field

Get a complete, real time street level view of assets and work status, as well as native and mutual aid crew locations to drive operational efficiency, transparency, and safety in the field during routine jobs, long cycle work, and storm events.

Mobile Workbench planned vs. unplanned diagram

Workflows Configured for Results

Mobile Workbench is a field service management platform that stretches across field mobility and back office operations, with discrete solution sets that simplify and accelerate damage assessment and construction. Together, they bring together the best capabilities for both daily maintenance and construction and critical emergency response.

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Damage Assessment

Stay Ahead of the Storm – Manage Storms Better

Read More about Damage Assessment
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Accelerate Capital Construction Projects & Build Better

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Mobile Workbench White Paper

Discover how our mobile workforce management software can give crews real-time information on customers, assets, hazards, and more.

Additional Work Types You Can Manage in ARCOS Mobile Workbench

  • Scheduled Maintenance –  Manage and track work for routine updates to field assets and system hardening.
  • Vegetation Management – Schedule routine inspection and trimming to protect asset right of way.
  • Meter Work and Inspections – Manage daily meter readings and asset inspection.
  • Damage by Outside Party – Document and repair accidental third-party damage.
  • Equipment Failure – Streamline trouble tickets for failed or abnormal assets impacting service.
  • Outage Response – Manage and track damage assessments for customer-reported power outages.

Configured to the Way Electric IOUs, Cooperatives, and Municipal Utilities Work

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Connect the Field and Back Office

Bring all of your disconnected systems together through powerful API integrations to power real-time communication between the field and back office.

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Match the Right Job and Technician

Automate crew selection and job assignment based on union rules, exceptions and other configurable criteria.

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Configurable Service Area Maps

Setup icons and colors in your own company standards to map structural, transport, switchable, and non-switchable assets alongside work and supporting documents.

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Bring the Right Tools For the Job

Empower service teams to collaborate around a shared view of the job.

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Simplify Hybrid Workforce Management

Blue sky or emergency response, seamlessly manage both employees and contractors, automatically capture time sheets, benchmark crew performance, and reduce paid wait time.

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Accelerate Insurance and FEMA Payments

Automatically capture job details and enable crews to attach photos to document Damage by Outside Party claims and FEMA reimbursement.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

From the largest electric and gas utilities in North America to major airlines, Fortune 150 energy companies and more, leaders put their trust in us.

Knowledge is Power

Learn how we are helping companies elevate efficiencies and customer satisfaction with our mobile workforce management tools by reading our case studies and white papers. Or, hear it in the words of our customers by watching our video series.

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The Need for Advanced Mobile Workforce Management in the Utilities Sector

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Transmission line which has fallen across the road

Managing Emergencies More Effectively

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Wide shot of a utility worker gazing beyond the camera in front of collapsed pylons.

Mobile Workforce Management

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Connect With Mobile Workbench Today

Bring all of your disconnected systems together and enable real time communication between the field and back office with mobile workforce management tools today.