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Never Get Caught Short-Staffed Again

Cover shifts 87% faster! RosterApps ground crew shift management software allows you to centralize scheduling information. It also eliminates the need for paper forms and processes, freeing your front-line workforce to focus on their primary goal of delivering an exceptional customer experience. It also gives employees agency in their own scheduling process, boosting job satisfaction and retention.

Automating Scheduling Operations Saves on Administrative Costs

By automating and centralizing scheduling operations, you can instantly create shift bids, process shift swaps, assign overtime, and electronically approve or deny requests without paper, spreadsheets, or fax machines. As a result, you save valuable time and reduce administration costs by up to 40%.

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Several utility vehicles around an airplane connected to its bridge preparing for boarding

Raise Efficiency and Passenger Satisfaction

In addition to delivering operational efficiency gains and reducing turnover, our crew management software can save airlines thousands of dollars by reducing canceled flights due to inferior scheduling. It can also help avoid paycheck overpayments because of shifts being incorrectly logged.

Increase Employee Retention and Satisfaction

RosterApps increases employee satisfaction and retention by enabling convenient automated shift and vacation bidding, swapping, and PTO management. The crew management software is intuitive and user-friendly for both supervisors and employees. RosterApps adheres to company and union policies, helping you to avoid grievances and any slowdown in service.

Two utility workers near a jetway guiding an offscreen airplane towards the bridge

RosterApps Product Sheet

Our airline crew scheduling software can help make employee pay more accurate with an advanced, dynamic method to classify work time and accumulated hours for the correct pay codes.

Features That Allow You to Do More, More Efficiently

  • Automate shift and vacation bidding.
  • Built-in tracking makes for dependable metrics and reports.
  • Flexible software to accommodates changing rules and union requirements.
  • Works on employee self-service model.
  • All scheduling information is centrally located in one place.
  • Rules are configurable for each work group or by individual.
  • Trace attendance incidents and work history to reduce grievance payouts.

Configured to the Way Your Ground Crews Work

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Adheres to Labor Union Rules

RosterApps is configurable to your specific labor union rules.

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Plays Well With Your System

Powerful integration capabilities maximize existing investments and use of any Time & Attendance or Human Resources Information Systems.

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Standalone or Integrated

RosterApps software can be used as a standalone system, or integrated with existing software via our API.

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Automatic Updates

Set up automatic email and text notifications to communicate updates to the crew.

We Help Carry the Day for Major Carriers

Major passenger airlines such as Jet Blue, Piedmont, and United, as well as leading ground handling contractors, depend on RosterApps to effectively manage their ground crew scheduling and rostering.

Knowledge is Power

Learn how ARCOS is helping companies elevate efficiencies and customer satisfaction with our crew management software by reading our case studies and white papers. Or, hear it in the words of our customers by watching our video series.

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Discover Efficiencies From the Ground Up

Make your ground crew shift management easier, faster, and more efficient by automating processes with RosterApps. Get in touch with us today.