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Reduce Delays and Prevent Cancellations

Having unfilled shifts and IROPs leads to delayed or cancelled flights, accruing massive costs and damaging an airline’s reputation. Ascend™ flight crew shift scheduling software lets you quickly initiate an automated callout to fill those gaps with the right available pilots and flight attendants, eliminating 1,600 administrative and 30 supervisor hours each. This allows operations to stay reliable and keeps your customers happy.

Confirm and Assign Flight Crews in Seconds

The airline crew management software simplifies the process of equitably sourcing qualified and available pilots and crew members in seconds. It eliminates manual phone calls to flight crews, leveraging your existing specific business rules for eligibility and confirmation times. Flight crews can review, organize, and accept flights via the Ascend Mobile App, without ever having to speak to a scheduler.

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Allow Flight Crews to Manage Their Own Schedules

With Ascend’s centralized and user-friendly capabilities, flight crews can avoid the complexities of using multiple systems. Pilots enjoy automated and fair-bargaining rule adherence, and have choices in the work they take, increasing job satisfaction and retention.

SOC2.0 Compliant

Cloud-based and secure, our flight crew scheduling software meets strict security protocols required by the airline industry and works with your scheduling system.

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Take a tour of Ascend to see how it can help your airline move up to higher levels of efficiency, productivity, and passenger satisfaction.

Features That Allow You to Do More, More Efficiently

  • Ascend follows all union agreements and other criteria, with flexibility to update as the rules evolve.
  • Automation and detailed logging reduces human error, creates transparency, and greatly decreases grievances and payouts.
  • Improves customer satisfaction by reducing or eliminating flight delays and cancellations.
  • Crews have multiple choices in the work they take, reviewing, organizing, and accepting flights via mobile app.
  • Schedulers can focus on eligibility and more important strategic activity.
  • Schedulers can better manage spending by equitably distributing jobs to the most cost efficient resources automatically.
  • Reduces the need for reserves and time outs.

Your Information Source

Dive into practical examples, success stories, and expert insights to enhance your knowledge and explore how others have applied Ascend in real-world scenarios. 

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