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Technology Your Crews and C-Suite Will Love

Dispatch crews 30% faster, boost performance by 25%, and eliminate 90% of your paper-based processes. Empower your team with a single field mobility solution to manage all your blue and grey sky operations to not only to powers restoration in storm events, but also accelerate time to value for capital construction projects and ongoing maintenance.

Daily Utility Operations, Bottom Line Benefits

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Complete Faster

Close out jobs more quickly without sacrificing accuracy or quality

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Eliminate Errors

Digital workflows eliminate manual redlines, adders, and transcription

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Prevent Loss

Track unused assets to help reduce material and risk management costs

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Optimize Work

Realize efficiency gains at every stage to empower crews to get started faster

Build Faster, Build Safer, Build Better

Modern utility construction suffers from massive gaps as a result of manual processes, which drag out timelines and result in potentially costly errors. With ARCOS mobile workforce management software, you can deploy a single comprehensive digital workflow across your construction projects.

Align around a single digital workflow.

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Hours Saved per Week

Being able to bring together and integrate all our work and crew data in one repository and govern all of it is what sold us.
Kristin Whitwam | Electric Ops Project Leader | Connexus
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Decrease in
Windshield Time

Manage Exceptions to Assemble Crews

Building out crews for maintenance or construction requires detailed understanding of which personnel are available, bearing in mind the detailed union regulations and employment requirements at play. ARCOS automates exception management to ensure that as you call out and assign personnel, you’re confident that you’ve got the right people for the right job at the right time. 

Comprehensive crew scheduling software for utilities.

Using Crew Manager daily will maximize our return on investment. When we buy a piece of software, we have to have our ROI.
Jennifer Waddell | Senior System Operator | Shenandoah Valley Electric Co-Op

Manage Crews More Efficiently

With ARCOS’s automated callout system, utility supervisors and managers can instantly see which crews, vehicles, and equipment are available for work, so schedulers can coordinate crews faster and with more accuracy. Streamline your process for calling out crews and make sure the most qualified personnel are where they need to be, when they’re needed the most.

Real-time views into events in the field.

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Avg. Minutes per Callout

With ARCOS, we’ve assembled 14-person crews in 24 minutes. Before that we made callouts by hand, one call at a time - it could take an hour to build a crew.
Ronnie Wise | Distribution Operations Manager | Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative
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Reporting Hours Saved per Month

Impact Outcomes in Real-Time

Operational awareness and execution capabilities are often lacking or spread across multiple tools. Because data is hard to access, static, and not actionable, productivity and customer satisfaction can suffer. Our utility analytics help utilities understand their operations in real-time and take action from a single pane of glass.

Act immediately on emerging situations.

When my team saw Utility Insight in action at another large Texas utility and what it is capable of, we knew that this is how we are going to accomplish our goal of centralizing dispatch from 40 regional staff to 10 while streamlining outage response processes.
Zachary DeLeon | Control Room Operations Manager | Pedernales Electric Cooperative

Bringing the Best Minds in the Business Together

Comprised of experts from major electric and gas providers, energy companies, and other critical industry professionals, the Customer Steering Committee works together with ARCOS to help shape product innovations and enhancements to our software, paving the way forward in resource management solutions.

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Your Information Source

Explore comprehensive articles, case studies, and industry reports to gain a deeper understanding of our utility workforce management software. Dive into practical examples, success stories, and expert insights to enhance your knowledge and explore how others have applied our solutions in real-world scenarios.
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