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True Utility Data Insights

Utility Insight goes beyond “pulling reports” and provides actionable views of your operations that improve response and efficiency. With real-time situational awareness, suddenly you’re not reacting to last month’s performance. You have the visibility you need to make the next best decision, reduce restoration times, and shrink customer complaints by 60% from operational analysis and improved SAIDI/CAIDI. Integrating with key systems of record, Utility Insight keeps stakeholders in sync from dispatch to the C-suite.

Break Down Data Silos

Utility Insight integrates and analyzes data from virtually any source to build actionable operational views for stakeholders across the utility. As events unfold, data is updated immediately across your systems of record so that you can observe activity in real-time and activate personnel to impact events as they happen.

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Two utility workers in a cherry picker setting insulated rubber on a power line

Deliver Real-Time Situational Awareness

With shared views across your organization, our utility analytics provide real-time situational awareness that immediately reflects conditions in the field, from the location of crews and resources to key statistics about response times. Operational staff can focus on the scenario at hand, rather than chasing down reports and data to update other parts of the organization.

Take Direct Action to Drive Change

Because Utility Insight integrates directly with key operational tools, you can take direct action from the interface to activate personnel and impact events as they happen. Execute generate callouts, send notifications, and trigger other activities directly from Utility Insight.

Two line workers pulling a metal wire off the back of a truck

Learn More About Operational Analytics

Bring disparate silos of knowledge together into a single pane of glass to make the best, most informed decisions, configurable in just about any combination you can imagine. Download this product sheet to learn more about our utility analytics.

Insightful Benefits

  • Smarter, Faster Operational Decisions – Surface actionable insights across multiple enterprise information systems where critical data is trapped.
  • Cut Estimated Time to Recovery – Deliver the information you need to increase ETR precision and restore power more quickly.
  • Self-Service Reporting – Enable stakeholders to view key metrics directly from their own shared view within Utility Insight.
  • Drive Productivity and Collaboration – Bring ops, customer service, engineering, and the field together around a shared real-time view.
  • Track Resource & Crew Performance Metrics – Optimize performance, ensure best practices, and benchmark operations.
  • Get More From Your Existing IT Investments – Generate more value while creating new opportunities for operational efficiency.

Available Views

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System View

At a glance, see your entire system and all active planned & unplanned work, with live updates for response KPIs, customer impact, and outage root causes.

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Resource View

See real-time performance measurements across the system down to individual resources, including forecasting of resource availability based on schedules and historical performance.

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Commander View

Designed for on-hands operational use, the Commander view allows for a deeper level of detail into current activity in the field, with a configurable map view in a single interface.

Knowledge is Power

Learn how ARCOS is helping companies elevate efficiencies and customer satisfaction with our utility analytics by reading our case studies and white papers. Or, hear it in the words of our customers by watching our video series.

Utility Insight dashboard

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Get Insightful Results

Stop working for your data. Let your data work for you. Put the power of our utility dashboard software to work and make the best decision at any given moment.