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Power Lightning Fast Response to Match Any Storm

Critical response events – from hurricanes, to wildfires, to snow storms – continue to grow in frequency and severity. With ARCOS’s emergency response solutions, utilities can accelerate damage assessment, automate 90% of emergency response workflows, speed restoration and recovery time by days for hurricane-scale outages, and improve customer satisfaction with 60% fewer complaints, all while keeping crews in the field safe and supported.

Our Advantages for Your Operations

An icon of a siren with an exclamation point inside

Enhance Safety

Increase situational awareness during emergency events

An icon of clock with an arrow going counter clockwise

Restore Faster

Respond and get the power back on faster

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Improve Accuracy

Provide more accurate ETRs to improve customer satisfaction

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Gain Insights

Improve your next response with powerful analytics

Callout Crews in Minutes, Not Hours

In any emergency or major event, your first and most important step involves assembling the right people to respond as quickly as possible. With our emergency utility callout systems, you can send an automated callout within seconds while automatically accounting for union agreements and work period agreements.

Mobilize your workforce faster.

A utility worker using ARCOS's Automated Callouts App while sitting in his car


Avg. Minutes per Callout

With ARCOS, we’ve assembled 14-person crews in 24 minutes. Before that we made callouts by hand, one call at a time - it could take an hour to build a crew.
Ronnie Wise | Distribution Operations Manager | Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative
Crew managers discussing in front of electrical repair tools


Decrease in
Windshield Time

The Right People, in the Right Place, at the Right Time

As native and non-native crews are activated, you need to be able to deploy those crews where they are needed most, with an eye towards their expertise. ARCOS’s crew management software provides the visibility you need to see who is available in the moment and assign jobs, driving faster restoration and enhanced efficiency.

Deploy crews and mutual aid groups quickly for maximum impact and happier customers.

Using Crew Manager daily will maximize our return on investment. When we buy a piece of software, we have to have our ROI.
Jennifer Waddell | Senior System Operator | Shenandoah Valley Electric Co-Op

People, Work, and Assets in ONE Mobile App

Many utilities have adopted a wide range of disparate solutions to provide an incomplete picture of crews in the field. ARCOS’s mobile workforce management software connects the field and back office and gives native and non-native crews a single mobile application in which to manage people, work, and assets.

Seamlessly switch from blue to grey sky operations.

An electrical worker facing camera, arms crossed


Reduction in Resource Demobilization Time

We’re on the forefront of restoration because of our ongoing partnership with ARCOS and Mobile Workbench, which pairs our best-in-class response and repair, GIS, and outage management with technology that matches our scale and complexity.
Chris McClain | Engineering Supervisor - Grid Inform & Connectivity | Southern Company
A utility worker pointing towards a power console


Reporting Hours Saved per Month

Impact Operations in Real-Time With Analytics

When faced with emergency situations, utilities need the right information, in the right context, right away to improve response times and work more efficiently. ARCOS’s utility dashboard software integrates and analyzes data from virtually any source to build actionable real-time operational views for stakeholders across the utility.

Navigate an unpredictable world with utility analytics.

When my team saw Utility Insight in action at another large Texas utility and what it is capable of, we knew that this is how we are going to accomplish our goal of centralizing dispatch from 40 regional staff to 10 while streamlining outage response processes.
Zachary DeLeon | Control Room Operations Manager | Pedernales Electric Cooperative

At the Heart of Utility Operations

ARCOS enables seamless switching between daily operations and emergency scenarios in a single solution. From planned daily work to unplanned events, through response and restoration, to capital construction projects, ARCOS brings your work, people, and assets together for the next level of operational visibility.

ARCOS emergency response diagram

Your Information Source

Explore comprehensive articles, case studies, and industry reports to gain a deeper understanding of our utility workforce management software. Dive into practical examples, success stories, and expert insights to enhance your knowledge and explore how others have applied our solutions in real-world scenarios.
Transmission line which has fallen across the road

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