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COLUMBUS, Ohio – ARCOS® LLC, a leader in workforce management solutions for utilities and other critical infrastructure industries, has implemented the ARCOS Callout and Scheduling Suite for one of the United States’ largest electric co-operatives, which will use the platform to efficiently launch after-hours callouts for its lineworkers while reporting in real time on the outcome of emergency calls to restore power. The utility as measured by total meters counts itself as one of America’s ten largest electric cooperatives.

With ARCOS’s software platform, the co-op will be able to automatically launch simultaneous emergency callouts to lineworkers and field service representatives across the utility’s service districts. Once the utility launches an ARCOS callout, lineworkers receive notification via a call, email or text to a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. At any point before, during or after a callout, supervisors can tap into the ARCOS platform to monitor field workers’ response. The ARCOS solution will also account for who is available or unavailable to work as well as who is accepting callouts. This, in turn, improves an electric cooperative’s response, so members get their lights on faster.

As part of the implementation, ARCOS used an application programming interface, or API, to link its callout solution to the utility’s human resource software. When the utility adds or edits an employees’ title, phone number or other data, the ARCOS software reflects the change. Another API from ARCOS will tie into the utility’s time and attendance software to deliver reports on when employees check in and check out for a callout.

By automatically analyzing the previous day’s callouts, the ARCOS platform will show the electric co-operative’s managers who is available to work each day. Each month, the utility will also have an accurate report on callout acceptance percentage by employee.

ARCOS is the leader in delivering SaaS solutions for managing resources, ensuring accurate, compliant shift scheduling and automatic planning for all types of events. The ARCOS solution reports on the up-to-the-minute location and status of equipment and crews via mobile workforce management technology for utilities and other critical infrastructure like airlines, manufacturers, and industrial facilities. The ARCOS platform helps organizations save time and money, while improving customer satisfaction and the efficiency, safety, and accuracy of operations.

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