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COLUMBUS, Ohio – ARCOS® LLC, a leader in workforce management solutions for utilities and other critical infrastructure industries, today announced that Columbus Public Utilities has selected ARCOS Callout, which automates after hours crew assignments based on business and union rules to equalize work. Columbus Public Utilities joins the many US power, gas, and water utilities who rely on ARCOS Callout to mobilize crews in just minutes, decrease service disruption time, and improve customer reliability metrics such as CAIDI.

“As a Columbus-based company and a twelve-time winner of the Columbus Fast 50, ARCOS is excited to partner with our hometown, one of the fastest growing cities in America with a corresponding increase in the scale and complexity of utilities workforce management,” said ARCOS CEO Odus “Boogie” Wittenburg. “ARCOS is proud to have participated in the city’s competitive RFP process and we look forward to deploying ARCOS Callout to assist Columbus Public Utilities in its mission to deliver reliable service to residents.”

Serving a population of 1.4 million, Columbus Public Utilities previously used a manual dialing process to contact workers for overtime opportunities. ARCOS Callout automates and accelerates communication with eligible employees on a rolling basis based on complex criteria, including classification, previous overtime, callout acceptance, and union agreements. This enables the utility to instantly match the appropriate level of skill required for any situation, including service outages in the Columbus metropolitan area.

Following the implementation of Callout, Columbus Public Utilities dispatch managers will be able to launch a callout at any time with the system simultaneously contacting eligible workers who can view job details and accept or decline the assignment using the ARCOS mobile app, text message, or keypad if responding over the phone. ARCOS Callout also reports on any actions related to a callout and automatically documents work as it is scheduled, so managers and crews can retrace and analyze actions. This streamlines reporting for regulators, ensures equitable distribution of callouts, and greatly reduces grievances related to the way Columbus Public Utilities assigns work to employees.

ARCOS provides innovative workforce management solutions that help utilities and other critical infrastructure industries manage people, work, and assets in a single platform. ARCOS enables utilities to quickly mobilize personnel for blue and grey sky work, manage native and non-native crews in a single system, and accelerate operations with field mobility tools that deliver real-time situational awareness. More than 250 utilities rely on ARCOS to advance safety, reduce field costs, and improve response times and customer satisfaction.

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