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COLUMBUS, Ohio – ARCOS® LLC – a provider of resource management software and services for critical infrastructure sectors – is implementing its solutions for automating the way Cleco Power: responds to storms and major events within its service territory; restores service; and reports on associated costs. Cleco Power employs approximately 1,200 people who serve nearly 290,000 retail customers in Louisiana via 12,000 miles of distribution lines.

“ARCOS will support our efforts to assemble and direct our internal and external crews,” said James Lass, general manager for Distribution Engineering & Emergency Management at Cleco Power. “ARCOS will help us provide data on response team personnel, including who was involved in the event, what they accomplished and for how long. That lets us quickly validate data and prepare a cost-analysis report.”

Government agencies, regulators and executives want a precise accounting of the price of restoring service after storms, especially major events. Along with capturing the cost of restoration, Cleco Power seeks a systematic way to request, manage, track and release external resources brought to its service territory. Cleco Power also wants to expedite and streamline how it activates employees in support roles for storm duty.

The ARCOS automated callout system along with ARCOS Resource Assist™ are part of a resource management software platform that automates a utility’s existing processes for identifying and requesting crews for power restoration. With ARCOS, Cleco can replace the myriad spreadsheets, whiteboards and phone calls used to contact crews, account for their activities and re-assign and release them from restoration work. ARCOS’s solution gives utility storm managers and others access to a computer-generated board for visually organizing and mobilizing crews required during large power restoration events. ARCOS centralizes and automates requests for employee crews as well as contractors who support the restoration effort. Utility crews and managers receive communications via mobile devices.

“Cost-recovery reports are worth millions of dollars to utilities that are wrapping up a major event,” said Bruce Duff, chief executive officer at ARCOS. “Although Hurricane Irma was a year ago, we know of utilities without a fully automated process that are still trying to get their arms around the crew data for cost-recovery reports tied to this event.

“A hurricane is like a Super Bowl for utilities in that millions are watching how events unfold,” added Duff. “If and when that major event occurs, the ARCOS platform helps a utility plan its response, manage the effort in real-time and report on the way it uses each resource.”

ARCOS is the leader in delivering utility companies SaaS solutions for managing resources in real time. The ARCOS solution goes beyond the callout of crews and automatically plans for all types of events and reports on the up-to-the-minute location and status of equipment and crews via mobile technology, which helps utilities restore service faster, yet safely. ARCOS solutions for assessing damage, building crews and responding to and managing events save time and money for utilities, while improving the efficiency and accuracy of operations and customer satisfaction. 

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