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COLUMBUS, Ohio – ARCOS® LLC, a leader in workforce management solutions for utilities and other critical infrastructure industries, today announced that Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative (SVEC) has selected ARCOS Callout to automate work assignments based on business and union rules. Deployed for afterhours crew outage response, Callout enables SVEC to mobilize crews in just minutes, equalize assignments across its workforce, and decrease service disruption time.

“Across the country, teams are struggling with more frequent and severe weather events brought about by climate change and nowhere is this urgency felt more than in Florida where power providers like SVEC are turning to technology to meet increasing outage challenges head on,” said ARCOS CEO Odus “Boogie” Wittenburg. “The investment in Callout will begin paying immediate dividends as lightning fast crew mobilization shrinks power restoration time while giving management the crew KPIs needed to continuously improve. A big thank you to the SVEC leadership team for making ARCOS part of your after-hours crew management strategy.”

With more than 4,100 miles of distribution lines and serving nearly 30,000 consumers, the electric cooperative previously used a manual dialing process to contact employees for afterhours work assignments following an outage. ARCOS Callout automates and accelerates communication with eligible employees for outage response based on complex criteria, including classification, previous overtime, callout acceptance, and union agreements.

Once deployed, Callout will enable SVEC’s dispatchers to launch a callout at any time with the system simultaneously contacting eligible workers who can view job details and accept or decline the assignment using the ARCOS mobile app, text message, or keypad if responding over the phone. ARCOS Callout also reports on any actions related to a callout and automatically documents work as it is scheduled, so managers and crews can retrace and analyze actions. This streamlines reporting, ensures equitable distribution of callouts, and greatly reduces grievances related to the way the electric cooperative assigns work to employees.

ARCOS is a leader in delivering SaaS solutions for managing resources, ensuring accurate, compliant shift scheduling and automatic planning for all types of events. The ARCOS solution reports on the up-to-the-minute location and status of equipment and crews via mobile technology for utilities and other critical infrastructure like airlines, manufacturers and industrial facilities. The ARCOS resource management platform helps organizations save time and money, while improving customer satisfaction and the efficiency, safety and accuracy of operations.

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