ARCOS Crew Manager

Pre-Plan. Restore Power Faster. Improve Cost Recovery.


ARCOS Crew Manager® helps utilities to quickly identify which crews, vehicles and equipment are available for work and improves the ability to assign, manage and track these resources. Whether it’s day-to-day or during an all hazards event, the ability to get utility and mutual assistance crews on site faster leads to getting service restored to your customers sooner. By centralizing resources, ARCOS provides management with real-time views into which utility crews are where, who is available to work, where resources are located and how much money is being spent.

Utilities invest a large amount of money and resources into work planning and scheduling, work management and outage management systems. These critical work systems provide work data to field services personnel for assigning crews to complete jobs. Unfortunately, crew availability can easily change overnight–throwing crew resources out of sync. When this happens, utility supervisors must often resort to utilizing Excel spreadsheets, whiteboards and phone calls to shore up changes in resources that may occur daily or overnight. ARCOS eliminates this issue by accessing the current data from your other work and outage management systems, allowing utility managers to assign crews and resources based on their current availability. This significantly reduces the time taken to assemble crews, increasing daily crew productivity and eliminating unnecessary overtime.

Utilities are at risk to lose millions of dollars in cost recovery cases due to lengthy service disruptions during large storms resulting from use of manual tools and inneficient processes to manage labor resources. Detailed reporting allows you to easily verify actual work performed to invoices received – easing invoice reconciliation while saving time and money.

“Being able to simulate different staffing scenarios and react in realtime to changing conditions improves the efficiency for crew management.”

Cheryl Maletich | Vice President of Distribution System Operations | ComEd

Specifically, the ARCOS Crew Manager enables utilities to:



  • Improve situational awareness – identify and manage crews anywhere, anytime even if facilities are compromised
  • Reduce training and retraining – simplifiy crew management with the ability to manage blue sky crews while also being able to receive, manage and deploy both internal and mutual assist crews in one application
  • Other faster and more accurate ETRs/ERTs – provides an instant snapshot of resources available with import of mutual assist crews
  • Centralize utility crew management – improve response time by allowing all crew resources to be put in emergency or storm mode
  • Allow for faster configuration and deployment of crews by utility-defined locations, staging areas and service centers via dashboard
  • Allow for seamless transition from day to day operations to emergency situations



  • Manage and record key operational information – update and track crew status, vehicle assignment and reporting supervisor using touch-screen interface
  • Improve crew productivity – update crew status in real-time through a centralized or distributed emergency management structure
  • Improve safety by tracking crew hours – allowing for better managed rest times for crews
  • Mobilize faster – easily leverage “blue-sky” crews during transition to emergency or storm mode
  • Simplify management of crew schedules – track daily work and automate the transfer and release of crews



  • Electric Utilities Increase cost recovery – to help save millions through improved transparency and detailed reporting
  • High confidence data – to help improve accuracy with event playback for before, during and after restoration – for management, media and regulators
  • Invoice verification – to help track crew work time for improved post-restoration invoice reconciliation and support for cost recovery
  • Operational insight – to help provide real-time reports of current and forecasted crew coverage
  • Productivity management – to help provide a snapshot in time of crew resources actual against plan for planning improvements

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