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Utility Leaders Share how ARCOS Helped Transform Field Workforce Management


American Electric Power (AEP) Transformation Update

AEP’s progression in the last year and their transformation journey with ARCOS. Told from the perspective of utility leads, with a focus on IT and the integration story.

ComEd and Iberdrola Compile Storm Cost Recovery Reports In Minutes

Crew Manager reduced the time to produce storm reports from hours to minutes, accelerating reimbursements. They also cut their crew management process from 11 tedious steps down to four.

Duquesne Light Builds Crews in Five Minutes and Eliminates Grievances

ARCOS empowered them quickly assemble crews in five minutes. Plus, they can now document every call, which eradicated grievances due to callout errors and poor documentation.

Dominion Experiences ARCOS’s Innovation and Customer Service

Dominion’s experience with ARCOS is similar to our other customers: they discovered that ARCOS is very innovative, collaborative and completely dedicated to their success.

Southern Company Utilizes ARCOS to Meet Customer Demands

Customers continually raise the bar on service expectations. Given tight budgets, leveraging ARCOS’ technology is one of the most efficient ways to get the right people on every job fast.

Vectren & SRP Discuss the Benefits of Callout

Hear a heart-breaking story about what can happen when utilities rely on outdated ways of dispatching crews during emergencies. ARCOS helps Vectren reduce response time and ensure customer safety.

Salt River Project Improves Crew Response

Implementing ARCOS frees up dispatchers and supervisors for more important work. It also makes life easier for crew members who can quickly accept or decline an assignment, saving even more time.

ARCOS Helps AEP Keep Pace With Customer Expectations

AEP reduced crew callout time from 40-50 minutes down to 5-6 minutes. As customers increasingly demand better information and service uptime, AEP is empowered to meet their needs.

“The ARCOS Project is very successful, and is the IT project that we all thought was possible, but that we never achieved until now.”

John Peters | Project Manager | Arizona Public Service


Avista Finds that ARCOS Benefits Dispatchers, Customers and Employees

Avista’s old paging system for callout was inefficient. But with ARCOS, they’ve realized several benefits: dispatchers gain time, employees can manage their schedules and customers get a faster response.

ARCOS Helps Vectren Respond Fast to Keep Customers Safe

ARCOS helps Vectren improve customer service and safety. Hear a heart-breaking story about what can happen when utilities rely on outdated ways of dispatching crews during emergencies.

Vectren Energy Salt River Project Gives Supervisors More Time

Vectren explains how ARCOS Callout frees up their dispatchers, foremen and supervisors by handling the callout process for them, giving them time for more important work.


Duke Energy’s Crystal River Project Nearly Eliminates Grievances

One benefit of implementing ARCOS was that callout-related grievances stopped. Plus, Duke Energy enjoyed the efficiency of one platform for multiple users and utility locations.


ARCOS Enables Effective Management During Large Catastrophes

Massive emergency with 238 water main breaks! In the past, supervisors would’ve spent weeks calling crews to get the restoration done. ARCOS helped them reduce response time by 30% — and eliminate grievances.

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