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Efficiently Automate ICS and Incident Management

By June 9, 2021Blog

As we ease into summer, NOA is predicting another above-average Atlantic hurricane season. Although the 2021 storm season has officially just begun, utilities have been prepping for weeks. 

And as the storms roll in, so will the media coverage. News reporters love covering extreme weather events and emergency situations. They are so eager to be right in the middle of one hundred and fifty plus mile per hour winds, while tethered to a tree by only their wits and the anxious viewers at home, that they might not have much of a plan if something were to go wrong. The rest of us, not so much. We know the damage these events can inflict and the lives that are at stake. Planning is not something we take for granted and we do it while the sun is still shining, and past storm data and real-world experience is readily available.  

That’s what the Incident Command System is all about. It allows a utility or critical infrastructure industry to establish effective incident management techniques to improve emergency operations, response, recovery, and restoration times. ICS can help organizations develop and maintain four key things:  

  • Safety for customers and crews 
  • A focus on fast, clear decision-making 
  • A loss of confusion in chaotic circumstances
  • An increase in situational awareness  

Automating ICS with a solution like ARCOS Incident Manager can deliver these benefits faster. In a few clicks, Incident Manager not only stands up an organization’s ICS structure, but also increases the level of preparedness by providing a historical record of previous emergencies. Teams can see and understand emerging trends from the data and learn from best practices. Problems in the span of control can be identified quicker, assessed, and Incident Manager can scale up instantly to face an increasing threat or scale down as the event’s energy dissipates. Incident Manager is an approach that leads to a coordinated, cost-effective ICS roll-out.  

ICS is gaining prominence in the private sector due to the increase in weather severity, and the greater number of incidents the storms are causing. Be prepared for anything and learn how to streamline your incident management in less than five minutes by gaining exclusive access to ARCOS’s Incident Manager video library. It reveals how to automate and fill gaps in emergency management processes and procedures. Click here to view the videos on demand